Last weekend was jam-packed with dismounts and remounts on a dirt-strewn course.

No, it wasn’t a cyclocross race, but the famous Little 500 at Indiana University, where teams get together and ride coaster-brake Schwinn bicycles for 200 laps on a 46×18 geared bike. Each four-person team must make at least ten exchanges, although those teams could theoretically make 199 exchanges.

This year marks the 65th edition of the Little 500, although the race was made famous in the movie, Breaking Away, leaving a legacy of a team and plenty of fans wearing the plain Cutter logo. The unofficial results, posted by Indiana Media, is shown below with a full gallery of race pictures in the slider.

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Little 500 Race, Bloomington Indiana, 24 April 2015, Photo by Thomas van Bracht /

Teams get prepared at the start of the Little 500 event at Indianapolis. © Thomas van Bracht/Cyclocross Magazine

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