For today’s roundup at Interbike 2015, bike companies showed us some of the latest in video recording technology, proving that people don’t just want to go out on an adventure or a cyclocross ride, but they want to make sure they are capturing all the action as well.

Garmin arrived with the latest technology in camera and commuter technology to pair with their already existing cycling computers. Its Virb XE Camera sports a 1.5 to 1.75 hour battery life, and comes complete with accelerometers, GPS and data viewing. What does that translate to? Consistent video feed that connects data from a computer and pairs it with the ride. The availability is current on the devices with a price of $499.

Garmin also brought along a Varia rearview radar, which is a rear light designed to increase in brightness when a car nears. It also sends a signal to your cycling computer, letting a rider know that a car is approaching. The rear device is $199, or $299 when paired with a car-sensing-specific head unit.

4iiii (four-eye), is a cycling company that is looking to stake their claim in the power meter world. The company originally started with the Sportiiii, a headset unit that shows power levels with led glasses that come as a set along with a voice unit, allowing a rider to know their zones without looking down.

The company has released a Precision power meter, which is $399. The deal is that you send in a compatible crank (aluminum only, for now), and the company installs the device within 7-10 days.

Not to be outdone, Shimano also brought its CM-1000 action camera, which has been out in the market for a while, to the show. The CM-1000 might not have the features of the Garmin, but its minimalist approach sports a lightweight, 87g camera that retails for $249.99.

We saw Smith Optics very recently at Press Camp 2015, so we weren’t expecting a barrage of updates. However, they did have a paint scheme that we caught that shouldn’t be missed (but it’s easy to do so).

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Interbike 2015. © Cyclocross Magazine

Garmin showed off their latest car sensor at Interbike 2015. The device increases its brightness in the presense of an oncoming car, and displays a warning on a Garmin computer for the rider. © Cyclocross Magazine

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