2011 Van Dessel Full Tilt Boogie

In June, Cyclocross Magazine introduced its readers the to the first all-carbon offering from Van Dessel.  While details at that point were a little sketchy, Cyclocross Magazine has been able to get the latest photos of the first production models.

The Full Tilt Boogie – you have to give Van Dessel creativity points for that name – will be an all-carbon frame bolstered with a BB30 bottom bracket shell and tapered head tube. Complemented by an all-carbon fork, the frame is built to maximize stiffness and efficiency and handle the rigors of ’cross. While the component choices are likely up to the individual riders, the Full Tilt Boogie will serve as a great base for you next ’cross season. Keep an eye out for the new frame this coming season under top riders such as Adam Myerson and Jeff Bahnson.

Here’s what Edwin Bull of Van Dessel recently had to say about the new offering:

The Full Tilt Boogie is designed as a race-day frameset with emphasis on low weight, power transfer, precise handling, and compliance. Geometry is identical to that of the Gin & Trombones, which includes the low bottom bracket.

Actual frame weight is 1250gr (56cm). While this may not be the lightest frame weight being touted, we have reinforced specific areas of the frame (like areas of top tube where bars can hit), and in general take a bit more of a ‘better safe than sorry’ approach as far as pushing the extreme of gram shaving specially in ’cross, where an extra ounce of control and reliability often means more at the end of the day than shedding every last possible gram. Our testing showed that using some extra material in the right places was well worth the ‘penalty’ as far as handling and reliability/durability is concerned.

Our 1.5″ tapered fork used on both the new Full Tilt Boogie and Gin & Trombones is 480gr (uncut, actual weight). Our fork handles brake shudder exceptionally well, but the forks do also have a front “brake” hole in the crown so that one could use a fork-mounted brake cable-stop to guarantee the complete elimination of any shudder issues. Likewise, with 340 gram claimed fork weights being thrown about, our own testing and development showed that while possible, dropping fork weight did not equal a better fork.

Look for more details on the Full Tilt Boogie and the 2011 offerings from other bike companies as the 2011 season approaches.