Jonathan Page was sitting top three before a flat tire. © Jonas Bruffaerts

Jonathan Page was sitting top three before a flat tire. © Jonas Bruffaerts

Jonathan Page, whose sponsorship situation for next year has been up in the air following the sale of his current title sponsor, Planet Bike, has a new deal from (almost) former Planet Bike owner Bob Downs to continue under a new banner. Immediately following Page’s impressive 12th place ride at Worlds today, Downs told the racer he wanted to continue with an independent program.

“I’ve been a cyclocross fan since the ’80s and been racing since the ’80s,” Downs told Cyclocross Magazine. “Once I saw what Jonathan did – he moved over here with like 300 dollars in his pocket and stayed in a closet and had nothing – and came from that to second in the Worlds, and in the bastion of cyclocross, as an American, that’s just so impressive.  And I couldn’t help but want to be involved with him and support him.  He’s such an outstanding person and individual, it’s been an honor to support him. Jonathan and Katie are both more like family to me than sponsored athletes.”

“When I was faced with the decision to sell the company, it was a great opportunity for me personally, but it was very bittersweet.  At some points I had tears in my eyes about the fact that I knew the sponsorship might end.  While Planet Bike is out of it, I’m not sure that I’m totally out of it, and we’ve been working on some things to help Jonathan and Katie to support themselves financially.  I know they both still want to go out of it and represent the US in the Worlds in 2013.”

Downs suggested that the program may include opportunities for American ’cross racers and fans to have the opportunity to work directly with Page in a series of cyclocross camps in the summer. Details remain to be ironed out.

Page confirmed the return of bike sponsor Blue and wheel and component sponsor ENVE Components for 2013 as well.

Page’s Planet Bike teammate, Katie Compton, will move to a new team.  Compton told us she continues to look at offers from both North American and European teams, but no decision will be made for several weeks.

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