USA Cycling has released the schedule for the 2010 Cyclocross National Championships in Bend, OR, beginning Wednesday, December 8th, and running through Sunday, December 12th. The biggest news this year is, of course, the inclusion of the time trials, which will determine start order in the non-Elite races for those not receiving call-ups. Time trials will begin at 9am on the day preceding the competition, i.e., since Masters Men 60-64 compete on Dec. 9th, their time trial will happen on Dec. 8th. Start order for the time trial is arranged by category, with those racing earliest the following day going first. For an in-depth review of the changes to this year’s Nationals program, such as Cat. 4s not being able to race below the 55 year-old age group, check our our full article in Issue 10.

Registration is just a few days away. Registration will open on October 12th and will be on USAC’s own website and new registration system. With the new time trial system, the late-night, frantic “race to registration,” complete with crashing servers, should be over.

The schedule for Nationals, by day, is as follows:

Tuesday, Dec 7th: Registration Pick-up

Wednesday, Dec 8


7:00am‐3:00pm Registration/Packet Pick

8:00am                 Female Non‐Championship All                  40 min

9:15am                 Male Non‐Championship 10-29                  40 min

10:30am               Male Non‐Championship 30‐39                40 min

11:45am               Male Non‐Championship 40+                     40 min

1:00pm                 Awards/Non-Championship


Masters Male 60-64

Masters Male 65-69

Masters Male 70+

Masters Female 55-59

Masters Female 60+

Masters Female 45-49

Masters Female 50-54

Masters Female 40-44

Masters Male 55-59

Single speed Male

Single speed Female

Thursday, Dec 9


7:00am‐3:00pm Registration/Packet Pick

7:00am-8:15am Course Open

8:30am                 Masters Male 60-64                        40 min

8:31am                 Masters Male 65-69                        40 min

8:32am                 Masters Male 70+                            40 min

9:45am                 Masters Female 55-59                   40 min

9:46am                 Masters Female 60+                       40 min

11:00am               Masters Female 45-49                   40 min

11:01am               Masters Female 50-54                   40 min

12:00pm               AWARDS

1:00pm                 Masters Female 40-44                   40 min

2:15pm                 Masters Male 55-59                        40 min

3:30pm                 Single speed Male                           40 min

3:31pm                 Single speed Female                      40 min

5:00pm                 AWARDS

Time Trials:

Junior Female 13-14

Junior Female 10-12

Junior Female 17-18

Junior Female 15-16

Junior Male 10-12

Junior Male 13-14

Junior Male 15-16

Masters Female 30-34

Masters Female 35-39

Friday, Dec 10


7:00am‐3:00pm Registration/Packet Pick

7:00-7:45am Course Open

8:00am                 Junior Female 13-14                        20 min

8:01am                 Junior Female 10-12                        20 min

8:45am                 Junior Female 17-18                        30 min

8:46am                 Junior Female 15-16                        30 min

9:30am                 Junior Male 10-12                            20 min

10:15am               Junior Male 13-14                            20 min

11:00am               Junior Male 15-16                            30 min

12:00pm               AWARDS

1:00pm                 Masters Female 30-34                   40 min

2:15pm                 Masters Female 35-39                   40 min

3:30pm                 Masters Male 45-49                        45 min

5:00pm                 AWARDS

Time Trial:

Master Male 50-54

Master Male 40-44

Junior Male 17-18

Master Male 35-39

Master Male 30-34

Saturday, Dec 11


7:00am‐3:00pm Registration/Packet Pick

7:00am-8:15am Course Open

8:30am                 Masters Male 50-54                        45 min

9:30am                 Master Male 40-44                          45 min

10:30am               Junior Male 17-18                            40 min

12:00pm               AWARDS

1:00pm                 U23 Male                                             50 min

2:15pm                 Master Male 35-39                          45 min

3:30pm                 Master Male 30-34                          45 min

5:00pm                 AWARDS

Sunday, Dec 12

7:00am‐2:00pm Packet Pick

7:00am-7:45am Course Open

8:00am                 Collegiate Female/D1 & D2          45 min

9:00am                 Collegiate Male/D1                         45 min

10:00am               Collegiate Male/D2                         45 min

11:30am               AWARDS – COLLEGIATE

11:30am-12:15pm Course Open/Elite-U23 only

12:30pm               Elite/U23 Female                             40 min

1:30pm-2:15pm Course Open/Elite-only

2:30pm                 Elite Male                                            60 min

4:15pm                 AWARDS