Todd Wells in the spotlight after his third championship. © Cyclocross Magazine

Todd Wells giving us his post-race report. © Cyclocross Magazine

The 2010-11 cyclocross season has come and gone, and with it some incredible moments of victory, near misses and missing outs. By all accounts it was a nail-biting year, with a clearly on-form Katie Compton looking to unseat the Queen of ’cross Marriane Vos, and falling short; with Jeremy Powers and Tim Johnson beating each other senseless in the USGP series; and with Sven Nys and Kevin Pauwels taking the GvA Trofee honors to the line, with Nys just managing to come out on top.

But, as we have done for the past three years, we here at Cyclocross Magazine have to shine our biggest spotlight on the USA Cycling Cyclocross National Championships in Bend, OR. This event is obviously most relevant to the bulk of our domestic readers, but it’s also everything we want ’cross to be – a celebration of every age and ability of rider, from the youngest to the oldest, where the crowds cheer just as loudly for Junior 10-12 winner Matteo Jorgenson as they do for Elite winner Todd Wells; where every racer is a fan, and many fans are racer.

In honor of this, and to complement our upcoming print issue featuring profiles of each of the winners and a stunning photo essay by photographer Joe Sales, we are bringing you post-race interviews with your 2010 US national champions, as well as many podium finishers. We wanted to hang on to these to give us all some much needed ’cross injections during the dry, boring off season, and we feel that reliving the event through the eyes of the winners will do just that. We will be releasing new interviews on Monday, Wednesday and Saturday, so keep checking back in!

Elite Women
Katie Compton


Elite Men
Todd Wells


Single Speed

Men: Adam Craig

Women: Kathy Pruitt

Junior Men
10-12 Matteo Jorgenson
13-14 Gage Hecht
15-16 Logan Owen
17-18 Jeffrey Bahnson

Junior Women
13-14 Emma White
15-16 Corrie Osborne
17-18 Alexis Ryan

Masters Men
30-34 Mathew Pacocha
35-39 Jonathan Baker
40-44 Peter Webber
45-49 Don Myrah
50-54 Steve Tilford
55-59 Ned Overend
60-64 Glen Norton
65-69 John Elgart
70-74 Erik Nordenson
75+ Walter Axthelm

Masters Women
30-34 Devon Haskell
35-39 Nichole Duke
40-44 Wendy Williams
45-49 Karen Hogan
50-54 Kris Walker
55-59 Linda Elgart
60-64 Martha Iverson
70+ Julie Lockhart

U23 Men
Danny Summerhill

U23 Women
Kaitlin Antonneau

Collegiate D1
Zach McDonald

Ashley James

Collegiate D2
Steve Fischer

Kimberly Flynn

Other Finishers:

Ryan Trebon, Elite Men 2nd Place

Jamey Driscoll, Elite Men 4th Place

Alex Candelario, Elite Men 9th Place

Adam McGrath, Elite Men 26th Place

Georgia Gould, Elite Women 2nd Place

Meredith Miller, Elite Women 3rd Place

Kathy Sherwin, Elite Women 4th Place

Nicole Duke, Elite Women 6th Place, Masters 35-39 Champ

Cody Peterson, Masters Men 30-34, 3rd Place

Russell Stevenson, Masters Men 35-39, 2nd Place

Kevin Hines, Masters Men 50-54, 2nd Place

Brook Watts, Masters Men 55-59, 11th Place

Danny Summerhill, U23 Champion, reflects on his mother’s racing

Ryan Leech, Collegiate D2 Men, 2nd Place

Spence Peterson, Junior Men 15-16, 3rd Place

Nate Morse, Junior Men 15-16 4th Place

Barb Howe, Masters Women 35-39, 2nd Place