Win a Chamois Butt’r Swag Bag and CrossVegas VIP Ticket by Entering Our Contest: Results and Week 3 Question

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CLIF® Bar CrossVegas, Chamois Butt’r and Cyclocross Magazine have teamed up to give you 10 chances to win a CrossVegas and Chamois Butt’r swag bag, and a chance at our grand prize. In the next 10 weeks, we’ll have weekly contests for the prize packs, and at the end of the 10 weeks, one of our winners will be selected at random for the grand prize, so make sure you enter every week for a chance to win big!

Your second challenge: favorite (or least favorite) experience with embrocation?

Last week’s winner for the Chamois Butt’r description was herdingbats, with, “When a person and a bicycle love each other very much, they spend a lot of time together, and they rub certain of their parts together. Sometimes, a little extra moisturizer and lubrication makes things more… pleasurable.”

A few of our other favorites included:

krisdrum: Ask any New Yorker, you never eat a bagel plain. Always butt’r (cream cheese) your bagel folks.

BrianBressler: Imagine the fun you had on a hot, sweaty day in the backyard slopping around on the slip-n-slide with the sprinkler. Now takeaway the sprinkler…and the plastic slide. Ouch.

willbenton: You know how babies need diaper cream to act as a barrier between their skin and soggy pants? Well, babies grow up to be adults. Most adults no longer have problem with soiling themselves, but some develop a new problem involving regularly spending time wearing tight pants and sitting on a hard saddle for hours at a time in rain, mud, snow, or intense heat. Chamois cream basically solves that problem, just like diaper cream solves the other problem.

Scotty0n0: The friction coefficient of spandex becomes nominal at the dermal layer when activities produce .0035om static charge thereby raising the follicles to a statistically significant level. At this level discomfort is generally introduced at the .0049om charge level. At the .0054om level of charge, the f~ coefficient increases exponentially at a rate of .034 * 3_i. Superficial abrasion to the dermal layer typically occurs at .007om charge. Such abrasion has been known to have a detrimental effect on cyclists: decreasing speed, increasing heart rate, increasing levels of endorphins and over taxing the cardiovascular system. In order to reduce the friction coefficient a lubrication layer can be introduced. An effective reduction in static charge is achieved at .3mm. A product like chamois butt’r has been developed to accommodate this need. – I know, I’m an engineer.

So many great responses—keep ‘em coming!

Weekly winners will be selected by a distinguished panel of judges (Brook Watts, CrossVegas Promoter; Andrew Yee, Cyclocross Magazine Publisher; Molly Hurford, Cyclocross Magazine Managing Editor). If you enter 9 of the 10 contests in the next 10 weeks, you’ll be eligible for the random draw at the end of the contest for the Grand Prize, which includes a CrossVegas jersey signed by the race winner. The field includes current World Champion Sven Nys, so you can place your bets on who will be signing it …

10 Weekly Prizes will Include:

  • VIP CrossVegas Ticket
  • 1 Tube of Chamois Butt’r (Choice of Original, Her’ or Eurostyle)
  • 1 Bottle Eurostyle Sports Skin Wash
  • 1 Bottle Eurostyle Sports Kit Wash
  • 1 Jar Eurostyle Embrocation (warm or hot)
  • Total = $145 Retail
  • For more information on the products, visit

The Grand Prize:

Boulder Colorado artist Zach Lee of Zach Lee Designs comes up with another stunning CLIF® Bar CrossVegas jersey design produced by Vermarc Sportswear.  2013 is the sixth year Lee has contributed the winner's jersey design and with this year's version he gives a nod to the retro design of the past with bold diagonal lines as well as acknowledging the time-honored racer superstition of pinning the number 13 upside-down.

Zach Lee Designs made the CLIF® Bar CrossVegas jersey, produced by Vermarc Sportswear. This year, he gives a nod to the retro design of the past and acknowledges the time-honored racer superstition of pinning the number 13 upside-down.

  • CrossVegas jersey signed by the race winner
  • VIP CrossVegas Ticket
  • 2 year digital subscription to Cyclocross Magazine
  • Chamois Butt’r Jersey
  • Chamois Butt’r Bib
  • Chamois Butt’r Cycling Cap
  • Chamois Butt’r Mussette Bag
  • Chamois Butt’r T-shirt
  • Chamois Butt’r Trucker Hat
  • Copy of Mud, Snow and Cyclocross
  • Total: Priceless! (but the Chamois Butt’r gear has an MSRP of $238)

Submissions are due Saturday, July 20th and a winner will be announced next Monday.

Official Rules:
No purchase necessary. Void where prohibited. Contest will run from July 1 until July 5, 2013. All participants must be 18 years or older. Only US residents are eligible for the prizes from CrossVegas and Chamois Butt’r (sorry!). No purchase necessary. To enter, leave your response in the comments below.  One entry per person. Winners will be selected and notified via email. Cyclocross Magazine, 650 Castro St, Suite 120-291 Mountain View, CA 94041.



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Want a pouty, CX'y look while riding dirty on the course? A little embro in your lip gloss goes a long way! Nothing heats up a congratulatory kiss like embrocation lip augmentation. That is all.


My favorite experiences with embrocation include applying before my cross race, then continuing to have toasty legs while pitting for my husband. I never had a bad experience because my sweet husband warned me of what might happen if did not use the embrocation wisely!


I once failed to wash my hands after seeding some habanero peppers but before (1) rubbing my eyes and — a few minutes later — (2) going to the bathroom.  So I guess I have an embrocation story even though I've never used embrocation.


Bend Oregon Halloween cross crusade @ Deschutes Brewery. First timer(me) decides to apply embro, THEN put on bib shorts. Forest fire. Post race relaxation in hotel hot-tub. Double amputee. Be careful out there folks.


Never wear embro underneath tights.  It will channel directly up to your nether regions, and definitely make for an uncomfortable race.


Back in the day, before knee warmers, I wore these nasty loose fitting leg warmers. On rainy days they tended to soak up the water and had difficulty staying up. This lead to a nasty crash during a race when the leg warmer got caught in the drivetrain, wrapped itself up and led to my not being able to lift my foot for a corner. After being the focus of that dinner's jokes, one of my older team mates handed me a can and told me about this magic embrocation fluid. The next day my legs were exposed and warm. It was the start of a new era in cycling comfort. Now if I had only remembered to wash my hands before adjusting myself... 


Late afternoon ride, applied some embro cause it was cold.  Never notice that it was working so whatever, come home take a nap (pre shower, i know gross) 20 minutes later I wake up with my legs on fire! Jumping out of bed i rush to the shower to wash it off. I guess it was old product and the action was super delayed.


A friend of mine thought putting embrocation on his feet before a cold winter ride would keep his feet warm.  Let's just say he suffered from a whole new kind of "hot foot". 


Before the race: "Well, I forgot the latex gloves to apply the embro. Well, what's the worst that could happen? I'll just wash my hands really well..."


After the race, wipes eyes. Seconds later, "OH MY GOD, I'VE NAPALMED MY EYES! KILL ME, KILL ME!!"

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