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CLIF® Bar CrossVegas, Chamois Butt’r and Cyclocross Magazine have teamed up to give you 10 chances to win a CrossVegas and Chamois Butt’r swag bag, and a chance at our grand prize. In the next 10 weeks, we’ll have weekly contests for the prize packs, and at the end of the 10 weeks, one of our winners will be selected at random for the grand prize, so make sure you enter every week for a chance to win big!

Your fourth challenge: rewrite a lyric from The King (Elvis, obviously) and make it cyclocross-related for the CrossVegas Elvis impersonator.

A bit about our Elvis: Elvis is Paige Poole, famous for his reworking of The King’s classic (nice YouTube here of the original) “Viva CrossVegas” that he’s sung every year since 2007.  He modified the lyrics a couple of years ago as he learned more about cyclocross so now there’s even a line about Clif Bars.  We’re sure the The King would approve.

Last week’s winner for the Chamoic Butt’r description was MichaelShearer with  the best embrocation story: “Bend Oregon Halloween cross crusade @ Deschutes Brewery. First timer(me) decides to apply embro, THEN put on bib shorts. Forest fire. Post race relaxation in hotel hot-tub. Double amputee. Be careful out there folks.”

So many great responses—keep ‘em coming!

Weekly winners will be selected by a distinguished panel of judges (Brook Watts, CrossVegas Promoter; Andrew Yee, Cyclocross Magazine Publisher; Molly Hurford, Cyclocross Magazine Managing Editor). If you enter 9 of the 10 contests in the next 10 weeks, you’ll be eligible for the random draw at the end of the contest for the Grand Prize, which includes a CrossVegas jersey signed by the race winner. The field includes current World Champion Sven Nys, so you can place your bets on who will be signing it …

10 Weekly Prizes will Include:

  • VIP CrossVegas Ticket
  • 1 Tube of Chamois Butt’r (Choice of Original, Her’ or Eurostyle)
  • 1 Bottle Eurostyle Sports Skin Wash
  • 1 Bottle Eurostyle Sports Kit Wash
  • 1 Jar Eurostyle Embrocation (warm or hot)
  • Total = $145 Retail
  • For more information on the products, visit

The Grand Prize:

Boulder Colorado artist Zach Lee of Zach Lee Designs comes up with another stunning CLIF® Bar CrossVegas jersey design produced by Vermarc Sportswear.  2013 is the sixth year Lee has contributed the winner's jersey design and with this year's version he gives a nod to the retro design of the past with bold diagonal lines as well as acknowledging the time-honored racer superstition of pinning the number 13 upside-down.

Zach Lee Designs made the CLIF® Bar CrossVegas jersey, produced by Vermarc Sportswear. This year, he gives a nod to the retro design of the past and acknowledges the time-honored racer superstition of pinning the number 13 upside-down.

  • CrossVegas jersey signed by the race winner
  • VIP CrossVegas Ticket
  • 2 year digital subscription to Cyclocross Magazine
  • Chamois Butt’r Jersey
  • Chamois Butt’r Bib
  • Chamois Butt’r Cycling Cap
  • Chamois Butt’r Mussette Bag
  • Chamois Butt’r T-shirt
  • Chamois Butt’r Trucker Hat
  • Copy of Mud, Snow and Cyclocross
  • Total: Priceless! (but the Chamois Butt’r gear has an MSRP of $238)

Submissions are due Saturday, July 27th and a winner will be announced next Monday.

Official Rules:
No purchase necessary. Void where prohibited. Contest will run from July 1 until July 5, 2013. All participants must be 18 years or older. Only US residents are eligible for the prizes from CrossVegas and Chamois Butt’r (sorry!). No purchase necessary. To enter, leave your response in the comments below.  One entry per person. Winners will be selected and notified via email. Cyclocross Magazine, 650 Castro St, Suite 120-291 Mountain View, CA 94041.



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The audio...


And the lyrics...(to the tune of Elvis' "Fever")


Never know how much I love you

Never know how much I care

When I clip my feet into you

I get a fever that’s so hard to bear


You give me fever, at the call up

Fever from the back of the line

Fever at the countdown

Fever at the bell lap chime


Everybody’s got the fever

Fans and racers all alike

Fever grips the race announcer

Fever starts the race tonight


You give me fever, at the call up

Fever from the back of the line

Fever at the countdown

Fever at the bell lap chime


Embro lights up the stiffness

Vegas lights up the night

I light up when you call my name

And you know the pit will treat me right


You give me fever, fever at the start gun

Fever from the pedal mash

Fever at the runup

Fever at the barrier crash


Now you’ve listened to my story

Here’s the point that I have made

Cowbells are made to give us fever

Be it Cat 4 or Elite

They give you fever when you hear them

Victory or defeat

It’s cowbell fever


Fever at the end of the line

What a fine way to dine

Cliff Bars are devine



Heartbreak Hotel


Well, since my baby left me

I found a new place to dwell

It's held on the weekend in city park

It's Cy Clo Cross Hell


You make me so achy, baby, you make me so achy,

 you make so achy, lets go ride


Although it's sometimes crowded

You still can find some room

Front of the pack and win the race

And, guzzle some brew



The barriers keep comin

Mud caked up my back

Broke away so long ago

Ain't never lookin back 



Now if your lady leaves you

You've got some stuff to sell

Git you a cross bike and down to the park

for Cy Clo Cross Hell.


Jail House Rock


Vegas had a race at the soccer field

A cyclocross course is what they had to build

The crowd was cheering and race began to go

You could already hear the heckler's say "you're going too slow"



Let's race, everybody, let's race

Everybody in this Vegas Place

Was cheering for the Cross Vegas race


The group comes back across the finish line,

Only six more to go says the lap count sign

The announcer in the stand says on the mike

The leader of the race sure knows how to handle that bike




Number eighty-four says to eighty-three

a better crowd, you won't ever see

Even though we're not winning, there's no where else I'd rather be

This is Cross Vegas, so keep racing with me




Over the barriers, then climb the run-up

the racers grab for dollars or beer in a cup

Georgia might stuff a rubber chicken in her shirt

Sven Nys dont grab for hand-ups, but delivers the hurt




If you get a flat tire, try to run it to the pit

The winner of the race will be the one with the grit

We'll see them on the podium at the end of the show

Be sure to go see Clif bar for a sample before you go



Cheering for the Cross Vegas Race

Cheering the the Cross Vegas Race

Cheering for the Cross Vegas Race

Cheering the the Cross Vegas Race

Cheering for the Cross Vegas Race




To the tune of "Blue Suede Shoes"


With handups of money

And bacon fo' sho'

The beer is all ready

Now go, 'cross, go!


I step through

Riding with my spike toed shoes

Got a single chainring

And I'm riding with my spike toed shoes


Hot into the corner

Grab my canti brakes

Hop o'er the barriers

Choke down a cupcake


Well, pushing to the limit

I'm about to spew, 

rolled a tire of the rim 

I need to reglue!


Tubular glue

And riding with my spike toed shoes

Got my lugged steel frame

And I'm riding with my spike toed shoes


Well, put on the embro

Legs are on fire

Just like Tim Johnson

I'll never retire!



is my new foray

Try and take the holeshot 

Won't happen today


My pit crew

Is cleaning off my spike toed shoes

Got full carbon wheels

And I'm riding with my spike toed shoes


Well, stuffin' the money

Down my skinsuit

Hecklers ringing cowbells

They holler and hoot


I step through

Riding with my spike toed shoes

Well, I shoulder my bike

Now I'm running with my spike toed shoes


Well, it's spike, spike, spike toed shoes

And those big, muddy, rubber boots

Yeah, spike, spike, spike toed shoes

Baby, spike, spike, spike toed shoes


In line for the pressure wash

And I'm standing in my spike toed shoes



Sung to the tune of "In the Ghetto" By Elvis Aaron Presley, enjoy...

As the snow flies

On a cold and gray chicago mornin

A poor little CX Racer crashes

In the barriers

And his hecklers cry


Cause if there's one thing that they don't need

It’s another crash photo on their twitter feed

In the barriers


People, don't you understand

The cx racers need a helping hand

Or hell grow to be an angry roadie  man some day


Take a look at you and me,

We all will miss the USGP,

Do we simply turn our heads

And look for another race

Well the wheels turn


And a muddy cx racer with a pressure wash hose

Plays in the mud  as the cold wind blows

Near  the barriers


And his embro burns


So he starts to roam the beer gar-den

And he starts to drink

And he starts to heckle


Near the barriers


Then one race in desperation

A young man breaks a chain

He buys new cleats, losses a wheel,

Tries to run, but he doesn’t get far


And his wife cries


As a crowd gathers round a muddy cx racer

Face down on the mud with a beer in his hand


Near the barriers


As other racers go by,


On a cold and gray chicago mornin,

A poor little CX Racer  crashes

In the barriers

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