The Verge New England Championship Cyclo-Cross Series returns to action this weekend with the 19th edition of the Cycle-Smart International. Held once again at Look Park in Northampton, Massachusetts, this year’s installment will feature all the hallmarks that have given this race a reputation as a mid-season classic but with some new twists.

Last year, the Cycle-Smart International drew over 1200 racers and race organizer Adam Myerson expects this year to trump last year’s record. With a week to go until the race, there are nearly 800 registered and several fields are almost filled. The registration period ends on Thursday at 5:00 PM Eastern. Registration information can be found online at A reminder, there is no day-of registration for this race; pre-registration is required.

Just announced, there will be a number presentation party on Friday night from six until nine, dubbed the Cycle-Smart Pick Up Party. Details will emerge in the coming days, but expect an opportunity to meet and greet some of the biggest names in American cyclocross in a relaxed setting.

Stay tuned as the week goes on for updates on the race and the Cycle-Smart Pick Up Party.