Video: Hamme-Zogge Superprestige – Cyclocross Mudfest Won by Niels Albert

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Kevin Pauwels crashes into the fencing at the 2013 Hamme-Zogge Superprestige cyclocross race.

Screenshot: Kevin Pauwels crashes into the fencing at the 2013 Hamme-Zogge Superprestige cyclocross race.

On Sunday, Niels Albert and Nikki Harris took muddy Superprestige wins at the 2013 Hamme-Zogge cyclocross race. The course was the season’s heaviest, with steep, slimy downhills that even some of the pro men ran. We’ve got the full race video for you below.

The race featured a few highlights:

On the first lap, Niels Albert got literally turned around on the first muddy straight (see to 23:10), and Kevin Pauwels crashed into the fencing after a muddy descent (see 24:30).

Later, Sven Nys and Klaas Vantornout collided in a corner, forcing Vantornout to run to the pits due to a damaged wheel (see 1:14:18) and get passed by several racers.

See the full race report and photo gallery here.

When people talk about the differences between European and American courses, the Hamme-Zogge course is a good example of a course with some features, especially the vertical climbs immediately followed by steep descents that most American promoters would understandably not include for safety reasons due to large beginner fields, but that many of us would love to try.




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Tobin Copley
Tobin Copley

At least there weren't parked cars alongside the course. Erm, yeah. *ahem*


Spoiler alert...  When are journalists gonna learn to not put the winners names in the title...?!

Ron Dileva
Ron Dileva

That was a great little downhill

Chad Rector
Chad Rector

There's a poorly chosen line in mud, shouldn't follow that one. I bet a heckler drew it with a stick.


1:14 in you can almost see where Nys trashes Klaas's rear wheel. Guess Nys didn't care for getting checked on the hill a little before that ... lesson learned. 

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