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Regarding content- Don't forget about SoCal and the west coast, It's getting stronger here and we have a pretty strong series ( If you need west coast/SoCal info don't hesitate to ask, I'd be happy to contribute to something that is long overdue.

Tom Remo
Tom Remo

How about publishing an "e" version of the print magazine, such as a downloadable PDF?


Can't wait till the site is up and running. There's A LOT happening in Michigan and the Midwest!!!

Check it out ====>>>>>

Jonathan Page to race at "DOUBLE-CROSS" in Michigan
August 3, 2007
As the only UCI sanctioned Cyclocross racing in the Eastern half of the US the weekend of September 22nd and 23rd, the KTR Michigan "DOUBLE-CROSS" weekend is certain to draw a field of the nation's top Cyclocross racers. Additionally, the "DOUBLE-CROSS" weekend is honored to announce that 3 time US Cyclocross National Champion and 2007 Cyclocross World Championship silver medalist, Jonathan Page (Sunweb-Projob), will be racing on both days!

The 2007 "DOUBLE-CROSS" weekend will be the fourth consecutive year of UCI sanctioned cyclocross racing in Southeastern Michigan. With two back-to-back days of racing, the event has been a mainstay of the Midwestern Cyclocross season since it started. With dates around the end of September each year, this event has served as a season opener for the regions elite cyclocross racers.

"We're extremely fortunate to have Jonathan attending our event," says promoter Jeff Noftz, owner of Kinetic Systems bike shop in Clarkston, Michigan. "Since we started to promote a UCI sanctioned cyclocross race in Michigan 4 years ago, our goal has been to attract the highest caliber of athletes. This year with Jonathan and others, we're achieving that goal." As the first and only US Cyclocross racer to earn a full-time contract to race professionally in Europe, the demands of Jonathans schedule make his participation in the US very rare. As such, the "DOUBLE-CROSS" event may be one of only 2-3 events that Jonathan will race in the US during the 2007/2008 season, making this a CAN'T MISS event for both racers and spectators alike.

"I'm happy to be racing in Michigan at the "DOUBLE-CROSS" this year," said Jonathan Page. "My commitments to race in Europe don't allow me to race in the US often, so I'm taking the opportunity to bring the sport to the Midwest and attend what I am sure will be an exceptional weekend of racing."

The Michigan "DOUBLE-CROSS" UCI C2 cyclocross weekend also serves as the first two events in the 2007 Tailwind Enterprises Cyclocross series. Additionally 2007 is the 10th consecutive year that Robert Linden and Tailwind Enterprises have been promoting Cyclocross racing in Southeastern Michigan. In that time participation and interest in the sport of Cyclocross has exploded and this year is projected to be a record year for participation. Come see what all the excitement is about at Springfield Oaks Park in Davisburg, Michigan, September 22nd and 23rd, then at six separate locations from October to December.

The "DOUBLE-CROSS" cyclocross weekend of racing is organized and promoted by a team of insane cyclocross fanatics from the Flying Rhinos Cycling Club, Kinetic Systems Bicycles and Tailwind Enterprises. Each of whom have been pivotal to the past, current and future success of the "DOUBLE-CROSS" event.

Some host-housing is available to selected UCI registered Elite racers who are interested in attending. Please contact: [email protected]

Now, "let's get DOUBLE-CROSS'd!!!!!

Spring Field Oaks Park is located at:
12451 Andersonville Roadnear Hall Road(I-75 exit 93) Davisburg248.634.7899

Greg Keller
Greg Keller

Very cool! I've got to admit that about 4 years ago, when I was racing in the Bay Area, probably slogging it up that poison sumac infested run up at Watsonville, I wanted to start a publication fully dedicated to 'cross. It is great to see some passion get a project like this going. Count on us out here in Boulder to help you with the local scene/knowledge. Cross is life. It's 365 x 24 x 7 for me and my circle. We'll be looking forward to some shiny new copies of the rag. Get 'em done soon so I can bring 'em to Belgium!

Best of luck.

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