After 39 contests on the USA Cycling Cyclocross National Calendar, the current standings are as follows:
Men’s Standings:
1. Ryan Trebon (Bend, Ore.) 500
2. Jeremy Powers (Hadley, Mass.) 479
3. Tim Johnson (Middleton, Mass.) 431
4. Todd Wells (Durango. Colo.) 412
5. Jamey Driscoll (Jericho, Vt.) 400

Women’s Standings:
1. Georgia Gould (Fort Collins, Colo.) 229
2. Laura Van Gilder (Cresco, Pa.) 194
3. Natasha Elliott (CAN) 175
4. Maureen Bruno-Roy (Arlington, Mass.) 168
5. Rachel Lloyd (Fairfax, Calif.) 156

With just nationals left, it’s still possible for the overall leader to change. Check back this weekend for live coverage of the men’s and women’s races and updates throughout the four-day event.

Two impressive showings to note are from Laura Van Gilder, racing her first season of ‘cross, and Jamey Driscoll, racing his first year as in the Elite Men.