WebCyclery's Thrilla Cross Race Series covers much of the same ground as the Nationals TT.

A little nervous about the start order TT at Nationals? One way to calm those jitters would be to test out part of the course at the WebCyclery Thrilla Cross Race Series. The WebThrilla promoter, quoted below, reiterates what we said – it’s a great opportunity to check out the terrain where the Nationals TT will be.

Those of you from out of the area who are planning to come to Bend for Cross Nationals this December – you may have heard that all National Championship races will have a ’cross time trial the day before each race to decide the starting order and call-ups for your race.

All CX Nats time trials will be held on a separate course near the NW Crossing neighborhood – on the land that the WebCyclery Thrilla Cross Race Series is currently using. Racers will start at 30 second intervals and (probably) do one long lap.

So if you’re looking for a sneak preview of parts of the TT course that will decide your starting order in December, come join us for one of the last two Thrilla races this month. Our course is not exactly the same, but close enough that you’ll have a very good idea of what kind of race will be critical to your starting order in December.

Thrilla details are here…

We’re looking forward to seeing all of you in December!