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  • Cummings and Shogren Take PACX Wins at Murrysville Cyclocross

    Murrysville Cyclocross always means mud and as the only PA Cycling event in the Western part of the state, it’s a very desirable race to take part in. This year, for the first time in the race’s existence, Murrysville was held under a cloudless sky with dry course conditions. Betsy Shogren and Stephen Cummings were able to make the most of the conditions and take the rare PACX points.

  • Shogren and Cummings Take Wins at ABRA CX #4

    Riders take the run up on a beautiful day of ABRA CX. Keith Hower

    By Keith Hower The Park’s farm sits in ridges of the Laurel Highlands just south of the Mason-Dixon line, and under brilliant blue skies and abundant sunshine, the farm played host to Bruceton Mills CX  ABRA #4. It marked the…

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