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  • Interbike 2011: Boo Bicycles and Co-Motion Show Off Gates Carbon Drive Options

    Boo Bicycles and Co-Motion may not be mentioned in the same breath very often, but both companies had sweet single-cog bike options on display at Interbike this year. Gates Carbon Drive belt systems are gaining in popularity, and new versions…

  • Interbike 2011: 2012 Jamis Supernova

    Jamis Offers Up Three Options For 2012

    The 2012 model year sees the respected name Jamis written on the tubes of three models aimed at the cross market. At the top of the line is the Supernova, which comes race ready for $2,600.00.

  • Interbike 2011: Nifty knickknacks from Showers Pass, Prestaflator, Adarga Bar Tape


    by Josh Liberles Showers Pass “VelEau” Hydration Pack The best way to describe the VelEau hydration pack is a combo between a tri-geek’s bar-mounted sipper and a Camelbak hydration pack. But it’s actually way cooler than that. Frank Bretl and…

  • Interbike 2011: New Speedplay Syzr Pedals

    Speedplay has offered mountain bike pedals for years with the company’s Frog model. But the Frogs never really made a dent into the ’cross market. That could very well change with the introduction of the new Syzr pedals, which will relegate the Frog largely to touring and commuting duty. Modeled after the very popular Speedplay Zero road pedals, the Syzr offers adjustable float adjustment as well as tension adjustment for release and entry.

  • Interbike 2011: 3T Shows Off Ergoterra Bars, Luteus Fork

    3T shows off their new cyclocross-specific carbon handlebars, the Ergoterra. © Cyclocross Magazine

    At Interbike today, 3T was more than happy to show Cyclocross Magazine their new cyclocross-specific goodies for the 2012 season. Specifically, we looked at the new Ergoterra carbon handlebars and the carbon Luteus disc brake cyclocross fork.

  • Interbike 2011 Urban Cycling Fashion Show Photo Gallery

    In the spirit of Interbike, we decided to bring you coverage of the Urban Cycling Fashion Show that happened on the runway just moments ago. Because we all know that at the end of the day, part of going fast is looking cool … right?

  • View All Cyclocross Coverage from Interbike 2011 and CrossVegas

    For the fifth year in a row, Cyclocross Magazine is here at Interbike bringing you all the latest cyclocross product and racing news. Stay tuned to our Interbike 2011 Center for all the latest cyclocross product news and complete live…

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