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  • New Altitude Simulator May Boost Performance

    Altitude training benefits performance, but what about just being at altitude? Photo courtesy of Flickr via MinutesAlone

    The Wall Street Journal reported that a new altitude simulator called the CVAC Pod, may boost athletic performance. The pod works by suctioning out air from the pod to simulate being at a high altitude…

  • Training Tuesdays: Heat Training for Dramatic Improvements in Hot and Cold Weather Performance

    Will heat training improve your cyclocross performance?

    It takes about a week to get Santiago Lorenzo on the phone, and when I do he doesn’t want to extrapolate about heat training. Lorenzo is a research scientist who, until recently, studied at the University of Oregon before picking up his PhD and moving to sunnier climes. He’s also an NCAA champion and 2004 Olympian in the decathlon, which means he’s a serious athlete (do you know the 10 events in the decathlon? I didn’t and went to look them up — anyone who can excel at all of them, and over two days, knows a thing or two about getting the most out of one’s body). He’s also published a study about heat training that may change the way we prepare for hot and cold events.

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