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  • USADA Announces Three Doping Suspensions for Bay Area and North Carolina Cyclists

    It appears that last week was a bad week for bike racing dopers, as USADA announced suspensions for three US cyclists, including North Carolina cyclist, coach and former masters road and time trial National Champion Peter Cannell,  Alberto Blanco (GS…

  • USADA Releases First Quarter 2010 Doping Statistics


    The U.S. Anti-Doping Agency, the national organization charged with keeping the country’s sports clean of performance-enhancing drugs, recently released its report on testing and doping violations for the first quarter of 2010. The 1,868 doping control tests, across all sports,…

  • Grass, Dirt, Barriers, Doping…and Horses?

    Cyclocross is a brutal sport for sure, with its varied off-road surfaces, epic conditions, and the need to jump over barriers at speed in front of crowds. Unfortunately, a few bad apples turn to “juice” to seek an edge in…

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