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Richard Sachs' rider Dan Chabanov takes the win at Staten CX. © Ethan Glading

Richard Sachs' rider Dan Chabanov takes the win at Staten Island CX. © Ethan Glading

STATEN ISLAND, NEW YORK — The weather was perfect for Staten Island CX this Saturday, and clearly Dan Chabanov agreed. The Richard Sachs’ rider took the win in the elite men’s race, and photographer Ethan Glading was there to capture it, as well as some of the other antics during the race.

Chabanov was followed closely by Erik Tonkin (Kona World). Behind the two, finishing out the podium, was Edwin Bull (Van Dessel). Eric Brunger, one of the Swiss riders for the Philadelphia Cyclocross School, took fourth, followed by Corey Collier (Boo Bicycles). 15-year-old racer Nick Catlin (Danbury Audi) took an impressive sixth place.

Check out the gallery below for some of the highlights, including the epically long sand run, and some overzealous face-painted cyclocross-ers.

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