Chris Jones' laps a rider and hops a tree on his way to the SSCXWC 2011 title. © Kevin White

Here, Chris Jones’ laps a rider and hops a tree on his way to the SSCXWC 2011 title. © Kevin White

When we heard that Single Speed Cyclocross World Championships would be coming to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, for 2013, those of us at Cyclocross Magazine on the East Coast were ecstatic. Having spent some time watching Pryor and company work to get SSCXWC secured for Philadelphia, and seeing some of the antics that this crew comes up with (goat milk handups at Fifth Street Cyclocross, a Thursday night training race), we’re feeling pretty good about their potential for greatness.

Cyclocross Magazine: How psyched are you about getting SSCXWC on the East Coast?
Dave Pryor: Completely. It’s an honor and a privilege, especially considering how much love and support we’ve gotten from all over the West Coast. People are REALLY passionate about this event. For good reason. Everybody should go look through the 101 photo galleries and ask themselves if they’ve ever seen so many people smiling during a race. That’s what this is all about. Pure, uncensored, painful joy.
CXM: Was it a tough fight, getting it for this year?
DP: First rule about the fight is that you never … next question. And thankfully photography was not allowed in Jumbo’s Clown Room.
CXM: Where are you planning to have it/what’s the dream park?
DP: We have plans I can’t disclose yet, but hopefully soon in 2013. If it happens, it’s the dream park of all your tequila-saturated dreams. Stay tuned to SSCXWC13Philly on all the digital means and you’ll know right after we know.
CXM: How would you improve on recent years’ races?
DP: I don’t look at it as “improving” but more as “riffing off of.” So much greatness has been done, and we’ve already filled a notebook with more ideas. Unfortunately, I left that notebook in LA. So we’re just gonna make it up as we go.
CXM: Do you worry that the East Coast people might take themselves too seriously?
DP: Not a worry in the least. Exhibit A: Adam Craig. Wrecked havoc in all the qualifiers, raced like a shark, got some mad ink, and partied like a pro.
CXM: What’s one thing we can look forward to seeing at SSCXWC next year?
DP: Just one thing? Junk. We got it in the trunk.
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