Sneak Peak: Dugast Pipistrello-Rhino

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Marianne Vos takes her first national cyclocross on the Dugast Pipestrello-Rhino. © Bart Hazen

Marianne Vos takes her first national cyclocross title on the Dugast Pipestrello-Rhino. © Bart Hazen

If you’ve been watching closely, Marianne Vos has been winning races – Dutch National Championships and the Pont-Chateau World Cup among them – on an odd looking tire with a white center tread and a black side knob. Thanks to our friends over at The Chainstay, we’ve gained some close-up photo’s of these tires.

There is not much information available yet. All we know is that it’s the Pipestrello center-file tread paired with the Rhino side knobs on the infamous Dugast casings, bringing ’crossers the best of both worlds. Expect this tire to roll fast but hold on to the ground in both the loose and snowy.

Clearly the tire has been a hit for Vos as she was able to take the Dutch National Champion title away from defending champion Daphny van den Brand and take a commanding victory at Pont-Chateau this past Sunday. However, whether or not these tires are going to be available to the public is still uncertain. If they are, don’t expect them until next season.

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They are prototypes, the only two riding these at the moment are Vos and Nys

Chris Mayhew
Chris Mayhew

Correction, that's a Dugast with Schwalbe treads in the photo I saw. Still, I know several people (myself included) would like to have a file tread with more aggressive side knobs.


Looks like these are one offs. The center of the rhino tread cut out and the sides of the pipi cut off and glued on the casing together.

I would expect production versions will probably be of single rubber compound.


Cdale rides these

Chris Mayhew
Chris Mayhew

I think Cannondale-CyclocrossWorld has some as well. There's a pic in the latest Velonws in the back of the truck. There are some file treads with no knobs and then some file treads with really aggressive knobs. Those tires lack the white stripe of these tires though.


I think that is a special make up of Dugast casing with Schwalbe file tread; TJ had them set up for Cross Vegas, but I'm not sure he raced them.

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