A Check-In With Ryan Trebon: Thoughts on the 2010 Worlds

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Trebon takes the Mercer Cup Day 1 win and the Leader's jersey.  Do they have an extra tall size ready? © Tom Olesnevich

Trebon taking the Mercer Cup Day 1 win and the Leader's jersey. © Tom Olesnevich

by Jason Elhardt

It’s been six weeks since the crowning of a new National Champion in Bend, OR. While that means the end of the season for many, a few select riders have continued on toward the World Championships in Tabor, Czech Republic next weekend. With the entire US team lining up to test their legs one last time in tomorrow’s final World Cup event in Hoogerheide, the Netherlands, Cyclocross Magazine had the perfect opportunity to check in with Ryan Trebon (Kona/FSA) and see what he has been up to and how his pre-Worlds fitness is coming along.

CXM: We haven’t heard much of you since Nationals last month. What have you been up to for the past six weeks?
RT: Been training and traveling, spent some time in California training. Feeling pretty good. Roubaix was a very tough first race.

CXM: I saw on twitter that you were fighting off a cold earlier this month, and you mentioned a broken toe? How is your health and how is your training leading up to Worlds?

RT: I got pretty sick right after Nats in Bend. I was dealing with some issues until about the first of the year, but things are good now and I’m looking forward to a good end of the season and a good start of the (new) year.

CXM: I think that Roubaix was your first World Cup this year. How was it?
RT: Oh, that’s a tough race. After some time off from racing, it was very difficult. I wasn’t really racing–just surviving out there. Definitely not my favorite race of the year.

CXM: Is it difficult to transition from US racing to World Cup racing?

RT: It’s all just riding a bike around for an hour. It just is a little faster over here.

CXM: Is the final World Cup in Hoogerheide an important test for your fitness leading up to Worlds?
RT: Yes, I would like to have a good result to help the confidence going to Worlds. I have done well there before and feel confident so we shall see…

CXM: It looks like we will see the full US team line up in Hoogerheide–will the team be training together leading up to Worlds or do you prefer to train on your own?
RT: No, everyone is pretty much staying in his own place doing his own thing. I did some training this week with Katerina Nash, so hopefully her good form rubs off on me.

CXM: What is your take on the Worlds team?
RT: Every year our team gets stronger and more well-rounded racers. Hopefully one of us will have a great result.

CXM: Do you know the junior and U23 riders? Can you give us your thoughts on how the US team looks across these categories?
RT: I only know a few of the U23s and juniors. There are a few that, if they have a great day and don’t make mistakes, can easily finish on the podium. I think with the conditions in Tabor and the course, it’s pretty likely.

CXM: Do you want to make any predictions for yourself or your team for Worlds?
RT: No predictions, just hoping to keep it upright and stay out of trouble. The legs are there, just need sisu!

CXM: Any predictions on who will win Worlds?
RT: I don’t think a favorite will win.



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