Roadie Ben Swift agrees that cyclocross is a great off-season workout.

Roadie Ben Swift agrees that cyclocross is a great off-season workout.

by Molly Hurford

Ben Swift, of road racing fame, sat down and answered a few questions for Cyclocross Magazine, talking about his amazing career he’s developed at the young age of 23. As it turns out, his most fun road race was in Flanders, so he’s practically a cyclocross racer already … and he thinks cyclocross is a great off-season workout. Will we be seeing him getting muddy this winter? We can only hope.

Cyclocross Magazine: At only 23, you have a cycling career that most pros only dream about. Do you ever feel like your age is an advantage or a disadvantage?
Ben Swift: I think my age is a big advantage, because if I can keep up and compete with the big guys at the start of my career, it will make me a lot stronger for my future years.

CXM: Any goals for the rest of the year, or is road season winding up?
BS: The road season is starting to wind down but I have a few important goals: I want to perform well at the Tour of Britain, then get selected for the road worlds in Copenhagen. The last goal is on the track with the European track championships.

CXM: What was your most fun race this season? And which result made you the most proud?
BS: The most fun race I did this year was Flanders. It was just an amazing day, the whole atmosphere and the buzz you got was amazing. But the result I am most proud of is my stage win in Tour of Romandie. Just the profile of the stage, I had to get over feeling fresh and the leadership I had to take all rolled into my best win.

CXM: What’s your biggest training tip for a new racer?
BS: My biggest tip would be to make sure you’re having fun!

CXM: What about for a junior hoping to get into cycling- any advice?
BS: Find a local club near to you that meets regularly and to go out with them. You can learn quite a lot from the older guys.

CXM: Any plans for college in the future?
BS: Nope, I was never a school person!

CXM: Planning to come back to the US anytime soon?
BS: Yes, I love coming to the US for both racing and holidays, hopefully I will be there on my holidays later this year.

CXM: Of course, I have to ask: any plans to race cyclocross?
BS: When I was young I use to race cyclocross. I would like to do it again for fun, as the strength you can get from it would be great training.

Hopefully we’ll be seeing Swift out on the cyclocross courses in the US this winter — we’ll be keeping our eyes peeled!

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