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Everything Custom: Mosaic Cycles Cyclocross XT1, Singlespeed XS1 and Gravel GS1 Bikes – NAHBS 2015

Mosaic Bespoke Builders of Boulder Colorado descended onto NAHBS 2015 with their Gravel GS1 and Cyclocross XT1 and XS1 frames.

Bringing Small Details to Life: United Bicycle Institute’s “President’s Choice Award” Winning Gravel Bike – NAHBS 2015

Ron Sutphin, founder of the United Bicycle Institute in Oregon, brought a gravel frame to NAHBS 2015 with over 150 working hours put into it, and walked away with the President’s Choice Award. We walk through the bike with Sutphin.

Getting the Gravel On with Thru Axles: DeSalvo Custom Cycles Gravel Bikes – NAHBS 2015

At NAHBS 2015, DeSalvo Custom Cycles brought gravel bikes from Ashland, OR, which he called the fastest growing segment of his business three years ago. We take a closer look at the frames, which are equipped with the new TRP and ENVE thru axle forks.

Packed with Options: Stinner Frameworks Cyclocross, Gravel Bikes and the Mudfoot Singlespeed – NAHBS 2015

Aaron Stinner has been building frames in Santa Barbara for the last five years. He returned to NAHBS 2015 with more than a full array of models, including cyclocross, gravel and singlespeed models.

Speedplay Set to Release Long-Awaited Syzr Mountain Bike Pedals – NAHBS 2015

The long-awaited Speedplay Syzr Mountain Bike Pedals are ready to be released, and we take a close look of them at NAHBS 2015.

Ride the Lightning: Peacock Groove’s Electric Hell Gravel Bike – NAHBS 2015

Erik Noren of Peacock Groove returned once again to NAHBS with a jaw-dropping finish to his bike. This year, it is a purple gravel bike electrified in color and components, which is called Electric Hell.

Cyclocross and Gravel Bikes Dominate Open Categories at NAHBS 2015

Cyclocross and gravel bikes dominated the available NAHBS 2015 categories, winning Best New Builder, People’s Choice, Best TIG, President’s Award, Best Cyclocross Bike (of course) and also getting honorable mentions in Best Finish and Best TIG.

A Bike Fit for an Arborist: Connor Cycles Wood Axehandle Cyclocross Bike – NAHBS 2015

Connor Cycles showed off their Axe Handle, a cyclocross bike made out of wood, at NAHBS 2015, and we take a first look.

A Love of Two Builders: Award Winning LoveBaum Cyclocross Bike – NAHBS 2015

Chad Lovings and Bryce Baumann’s LoveBaum cyclocross frame impressed the judges at NAHBS 2015, and the cyclocross-minded Colorado builders have jumped out of the gates with a new frame builder award after displaying their WWII motorcycle inspired frame.

From Promotional to Public: Reynolds Releases Adventure-Ready ATR Disc Brake Wheels – NAHBS 2015

At NAHBS, we took a close look at the ATR wheelset which was initially a promotional item, but due to popular demand, is now available to the public with thru-axle, XD driver and tubeless compatibility.

ENVE’s Gravel “GRD” Thru Axle Fork Unveiled – NAHBS 2015

ENVE quietly unveiled its new carbon GRD thru axle fork at NAHBS 2015 by supplying Moots Cycles and Stinner Frameworks with the fork for their …

Minty Fresh: Mars Cycles’ Fillet Brazed Cyclocross Bike – NAHBS 2015 People’s Choice Award

Mars Cycles’ showed off a mint green stainless steel brazed cyclocross frame and fork at NAHBS 2015, and we take a close look.

NAHBS Award-Winning No. 22 Bicycle Co. Unveils Its Broken Arrow Cyclocross Bike

No. 22 Bicycle Company showed off its Broken Arrow titanium cyclocross bike, and walked away with the Best Cyclocross Bike award from NAHBS 2015. See the winning bike here.

NAHBS 2015 Louisville: Day 1 Cyclocross Bikes Photo Gallery

There’s bike porn everywhere you look at NAHBS, but we tried hard to keep our eye on the cyclocross and gravel gear and bikes. See a slideshow of what caught our eye on Day 1.

Chatting with Alchemy’s Cody Baker: Custom Disc Brake Chiron ’Crosser at NAHBS 2014

by Iain Baker After seeing the Alchemy Bicycles ’cross bike at the 2014 NAHBS in Charlotte, we sat down with Cody Baker of Alchemy, who …

Old and New School: Breadwinner B-Road Gravel Bike at NAHBS 2014

by James Thomas The Breadwinner orange B-Road ’cross bike features “the world’s only 11 speed downtube shifters.”  It was funny to see a bike getting …

NAHBS 2014—A Gallery Roundup, Part 2

Photographer James Thomas captures the best of the action at the North American Handbuilt Bike Show in North Carolina in this gallery below. Check out …

Handmade Cyclocross Builds—NAHBS 2014 Gallery, Part 1

Photographer Iain Banks captures the best of the action at the North American Handbuilt Bike Show in North Carolina in this gallery below (give it …

Festka Showcases Mist ’Cross Bike at NAHBS 2014

This titanium ’cross bike from Festa features beautiful CNC machined rear dropouts and connector on the drive side that attaches the bottom bracket to the …

Go Geared or Singlespeed in a Snap with the Rad Dad SS: Lundbeck at NAHBS 2014

by James Thomas Max Lundbeck is an engineer with a background in manufacturing, and he has come up with an innovative convertible geared or singlespeed …

Moots Shows of “Suitcase of Courage” Travel ’Cross Bike — NAHBS 2014

by James Thomas The Moots Psychlo X showcased at NAHBS was ready for adventure, anywhere. A two-part frame joined with S&S Couplers, the “Suitcase of …

Challenge Shows New Grifo Clincher and Gravel Grinder Tire at NAHBS 2014

Challenge has released an updated model of their Grifo clincher this year. We checked it out at Frost Bike last month, but saw it again …

Alchemy Showcases New Gravel and ’Cross Bikes with SRAM CX1—NAHBS 2014

Colorado-based Alchemy brought both cyclocross and gravel bikes to NAHBS in North Carolna this year. Last year, we saw their ’cross offerings at the show, …

Shamrock Cycles Shows Off ’Cross Bikes at NAHBS 2014

It’s Saint Patrick’s Day, so it’s only appropriate to showcase some of the eye candy from Shamrock Cycles at NAHBS this past weekend. While we …

NAHBS 2014 Award Winners

NAHBS is over and the ballots are in. Here are the winners, and stay tuned for much more! Best Finish: Independent Fabrication (Honorable Mention: Ellis …

Retrotec Takes Prize for Best Cyclocross Bike — NAHBS 2014

Retrotec, owned by Curtis Inglis, took the win for the Best in Show Cyclocross Bike at the North American Handbuilt Bike Show this year in …

Geekhouse Showcases Mudville ’Cross Bike—NAHBS 2014

In New England, the Geekhouse team—and their bikes—are easy to spot. They’re the riders and the rigs with the loudest colors and paint schemes. However, …

The Ultimate Cyclocross Commuter? Eriksen’s Titanium Disc Brake Dyno CX – NAHBS 2014

SRAM CX1 product manager JP McCarthy is a lucky guy, and he knows it. He not only gets to work with new cyclocross technology as …

Exclusive Pre-NAHBS Preview and Test Ride: Calfee Design’s Manta CX Softail Cyclocross Bike

Cyclocross Magazine got a rare opportunity to not only get an early, exclusive preview of a NAHBS 2014 show bike, but to also spend a few …

NAHBS 2013: Ventus Custom Cycles Gets Crafty With Hand Carved Lugs

Ventus Custom Cycles, based in Ames, Iowa, was founded in 2006 by builder Mark Kargol. Ventus began as a custom frame painting venture, but soon …