cxnats-sales-podium Cyclocross Magazine is in Kansas City doing live coverage of the races along with posting daily reports and photo galleries, while even trying to do a bit of racing ourselves. Day 4’s collegiate and singlespeed reports are below. Also see our live coverage archive, Day 1, Day 2, Day 3 reports along with our Men’s race and Women’s race reports from Day 4 of the 2008 Cyclocross National Championships from Kansas City.

by USA Cycling, photos by Larry Rosa, Joe Sales, and Andrew Yee

The USA Cycling Collegiate Cyclocross team and individual titles were awarded in two categories – Division I (D1) and. With a tie amongst the top two schools in DI, Fort Lewis College and Lees-McRae College, the team title came down to the highest placing of the day by an individual rider from that institution. That meant Carla Swart’s (Banner Elk, N.C./Lees-McRae) gold-medal performance in the women’s race broke the tie and handed the Bobcats the win over their Colorado rivals.

Swart, now a collegiate national champion in all four disciplines, was closely shadowed by last year’s second-place-finisher Amanda Miller (Fort Collins, Colo./Colorado State University). Ultimately Miller had to settle for another silver, finishing in front of Lindsey Wilson’s Ashley James (Delafield, Wis.) who grabbed the bronze. Fort Lewis’ top finisher, Teal Stetson Lea (Durango, Colo.) was fourth.

cxnats-yee-0226-c.jpg The DI men’s race saw Will Dugan (Burlington, Mass./University of Vermont) surge from the back row to pull in his first Stars-and-Stripes. Dugan was able to hold off the reigning collegiate cross country mountain bike national champion, Benjamin Sonntag (Durango, Colo./Fort Lewis College) and his partner in an early race break, Eric Thompson (Shoreview, Minn./Lees-McRae College) to win the national title. The DI team podium wrapped up with Lindsey Wilson College in third, Colorado State University in fourth and Indiana’s Marian College in fifth.

In Division II, Appalachian State, with a balanced attack from both men and women, was able to take home the team title by just ten points over the United States Military Academy. The Massachusetts Institute of Technology finished third while Western Washington University was fourth.

USA Cycling Mountain Bike Development Team member and former collegiate mountain bike national champion Colin Cares (Colorado Springs, Colo./Colorado College) took home the DII men’s title over Mesa State’s Kevin Mullervy (Littleton, Colo.) and Steve Fisher of Western Washington University (Bellingham, Wash.). Former collegiate road champ Devon Haskell (Chicago, Ill./University of Chicago) earned the DII women’s title in commanding fashion while MIT’s Katherine Harris (Somerville, Mass.) grabbed the silver.

In the non-national championship single-speed race, James Lalonde (Madison, Wis./Ellis Cycles) rode to the win over a mixed field of more than 50 riders, keeping the non-title win within the family, after his older brother Mark won it last year.

Day Four National Champions:


  • Collegiate Men Division I: Will Dugan (Burlington, Mass./University of Vermont)
  • Collegiate Women Division I: Carla Swart (Banner Elk, N.C./Lees-McRae College)Collegiate Men
  • Division II: Colin Cares (Colorado Springs, Colo./Colorado College)
  • Collegiate Women Division II: Devon Haskell (Chicago, Ill./University of Chicago)
  • Singlespeed winner: James Lalonde (Madison, Wis./Ellis Cycles)

Photo Gallery:

Full Results:

Men – Singlespeed – Mixed
11880James LaLonde00:45:04.00Ellis Cycles
21861Skyler Trujillo00:45:38.00Black Sheep
31846David Meyer00:45:55.00Grumpy’s
41851Scott McLaughlin00:46:34.00SRAM
51883Gunnar Shogren00:46:34.00Sobe Cannondale
61804Curtis Boivin00:47:04.00Refunds Now
71878Richard Maile00:47:20.00Sacramento Cx
81805Patrick Morrissey00:47:41.00NM Team Cross
92235Robin Guillaume00:48:02.00
101864K McCuiston00:48:02.00New Belgium Brewing
111826Darron Cheek00:48:36.00copper mtnhigh country racing
121844Doug KARET00:49:34.00NA
131872Jon Freckleton00:50:06.00Aspire Performance
141823Tim Faia00:50:27.00Independent Fabrication
151869Lewis Perna00:50:34.00Schwab/Torelli
161874Bobby Langin Jr00:50:48.00Platinum Performance
171812Josh Patterson00:50:56.00CycleCity Racing / CXMAGAZINE.
181870Matt LaBerta00:51:05.00Dogfish
191820Jared Roy00:51:16.00Crossniacs
201803Robert Kuhn00:51:16.00HUP United
211875Adam Clark00:52:01.00ChicagoCuttinCrew
221884Elizabeth Shogren00:52:22.00Sobe Cannondale
231859Kyle Shour00:52:22.00The Wheel Cyclery
241849Joshua Stamper00:52:42.00
251839Theodore Fleming00:52:42.00Spike Shooter Cycling Team
261830Gerald Chabot00:52:55.00refunds now
271873Matt James00:53:03.00Mesa Cycles
281867Daniel Jacobsen00:53:16.00gopher wheelmen
291863Keith Reynolds00:53:35.00NEBC/Cycle Loft/Devonshire Den
301877Brian Moran00:53:35.00Louisville Cyclery Velo Club
311827Rick Thompson00:54:09.00Monkey Wrench Cycles
321801Syd Lea00:54:09.00T.E.A.M. Fuji
331848christopher bopp00:54:29.00Team Red Wheel
342145Scott FLIEGELMAN1 Lap Down
351843Matthew Gilhousen1 Lap DownFreestate Racing
361824Andrew Yee1 Lap DownHUP UNITED / CXMAGAZINE.COM
371889Matthew Dawson1 Lap DownDogfish Racing
381819Robert Love1 Lap DownBlue Sky Velo
392154Christopher Connolly1 Lap DownMesa Cycles
401815James Nelson1 Lap DownBig Shark
411833Chris Locke1 Lap DownCow Town Cycling
421840Brian Mitchell1 Lap DownPriority Health Elite-Ann Arbo
431818Paul Schoening1 Lap DownRidley Factory Team
441816Travis Lukens2 Laps DownDale’s Pale Ale/Spot Brand
451886Andrea Wilson2 Laps DownTeam Kenda Tire
461807Cody Mathias2 Laps DownCycleCity Racing
471825Jay Downs2 Laps DownWVU Healthcare
481891Daniel Boyles2 Laps Down
491866Gabriel Masiulis2 Laps DownGopher Wheelmen
501885Scott Robinson2 Laps DownAll9Yards
511835Jim Coggins2 Laps DownBicycle Shack
521811Paul Thoresen2 Laps DownRidley Factory Team
531817David Burns2 Laps Downmountain pedaler/squirt lube
541837Michael Seaman2 Laps DownSpecialized
551831Paul Hernandez2 Laps DownBicycle John’s Serious Cycling
DNS1808Kevin WilkinsMonkey Wrench Cycles
DNS1814Glen LightMOOTS
DNS1821Calvin HillSolo
DNS1834Jarret KinderNA
DNS1836Nat RossSubaru-Gary Fisher
DNS1842Corey GODFREYCycle Works/Moose’s Tooth
DNS1845Michael SeekTri-Cities Road Club
DNS1847Ryan Cooperflatlandia
DNS1854Andrew ChochaMesa Cycles
DNS1856Kirt FitzpatrickSexual Camel
DNS1860Thomas LebosquetIF/FT p/b Lionette’s
DNS1871Leonardo Sandovalsolo effort
DNS1876Dennis Grelkmbwc/Team 14
DNS1890Mark OlsonXXX-Athletico
DNS1810Brian MaslachSpike Shooter
DNS1852Jason Gaikowski360 Racing
DNF1800Robert LeaT.E.A.M. Fuji
DNF1802Timothy StregeHalf Acre Cycling
DNF1806Kris ThompsonMix1~Concept 3D
DNF1809Telford CriscoNA
DNF1813John McManusDurango Wheel Cub
DNF1822Joshua Stamper
DNF1828Bryan HarwoodNA
DNF1829steve stechschulteREel Bikes
DNF1832Mark VareschiRutgers University Cycling Tea
DNF1838Nick SmithTeam Redwheel
DNF1841R Lee WillmoreCelo Pacific
DNF1853Stephen Songer360 Racing
DNF1855David HejdukTeam X Cycling
DNF1857andrew neidertRed Wheel
DNF1862Eric BruntJimmy Johns/BKB/Monkey Wrench
DNF1865Justin NeelySpecialized Bicycles
DNF1879William JenningsHigh Drive CC
DNF1881Eric RasmussenPorcupine/Specialized
DNF1882William KingNA
DNF1887Vincent JohnsonNA
DNF1892Michael OttingMercyhealthplex/7hills Racing
DNF1893Dan MEYERLoon State Cyclists
DNF2146David SHEEK
DNF2147Richard BERGSTROMGopher Wheelmen
DNF2153Harold PARKER360 Racing
DNF2234Mario HernandezVlaams Scythes
DNF1850Bill ANDERSON360 Racing
Women – Collegiate D1
11517Carla Swart00:42:14.00Lees-McRae College
21520Amanda Miller00:42:45.00Colorado State University
31506Ashley James00:42:45.00Lindsey Wilson College
41514Teal Stetson-Lee00:43:24.00Fort Lewis College
51502Kristin Gavin00:44:02.00Temple University
61513Ally Stacher00:44:31.00Lees-McRae College
71519Robin Williams00:44:31.00University of Iowa
81515Sarah Sturm00:46:27.00Fort Lewis College
91511Callie McDowell00:46:27.00Boston University
101510Kristin Jo Markham00:47:15.00Lees-McRae College
111501Tina Dominic00:47:25.00Fort Lewis College
122242Kira Shoemaker00:47:49.00Lees-McRae College
131507Sabina Kraushaar00:48:16.00Fort Lewis College
141524Rebecca Finley00:48:40.00Marian College
151509Sarah Lukas00:48:55.00Lindsey Wilson College
161504Kristina Henne00:48:55.00Lees-McRae College
171525Julia Manley00:50:15.00Colorado State University
181516Stephanie Swan00:50:32.00Fort Lewis College
191500Emily Benson1 Lap DownLindsey Wilson College
201512Kathryn Smith1 Lap DownLees-McRae College
211508Whitney Kroll1 Lap DownPurdue University
221521Megan Robben1 Lap DownColorado State University
231523Sierra Siebenlist1 Lap DownMarian College
DNS1505Elicia HildebrandUniversity of Wisconsin-Madiso
DNS1518Stephanie ThompsonUniversity of Minnesota-Twin C
DNS1522Beth RossUtah State University
DNF1503Danielle HaulmanUniversity of California-Davis
Women – Collegiate D2
1955Devon Haskell00:44:49.00University of Chicago
2953Katherine Harris00:46:08.00Massachusetts Institute of Tec
3956Nicole Hilaire00:52:07.00US Military Academy
4954Sarah Hart1 Lap DownColby College
5958Judith Li1 Lap DownUS Military Academy
6957Ariel Leath1 Lap DownAppalachian State University
7952Amanda Gilbert1 Lap DownAppalachian State University
8965Rachel VandenEnde1 Lap DownAppalachian State
9951Allison Forkner1 Lap DownAppalachian State University
10961Aenon Moose1 Lap DownAppalachian State
11960Caitlin Mcardle1 Lap DownUS Military Academy
12966Rachel Warriner1 Lap DownAppalachian State
DNS963Elizabeth SoUniversity of Chicago
DNS964Rebecca TomaszewskiAppalachian State University
Men – Collegiate D1
1659William Dugan00:42:28.00University of Vermont
2635Benjamin Sonntag00:42:28.00Fort Lewis College
3640Eric Thompson00:43:01.00Lees-McRae College
4627Mitchell Peterson00:44:15.00University of Utah
5631Mike Sherer00:44:26.00Indiana University-Bloomington
6617Rotem Ishai00:44:31.00Fort Lewis College
7636Kip Spaude00:44:43.00Lindsey Wilson College
8658Isaac Neff00:44:52.00Indiana University-Bloomington
9638Scott Stewart00:44:52.00Lees-McRae College
10618Scott Jackson00:45:01.00Lees-McRae College
11605Oscar Clark00:45:16.00Georgia State University
12625Clayton Omer00:45:16.00Lindsey Wilson College
13603Gregory Carpenter00:45:27.00Fort Lewis College
14606Christopher Dale00:45:56.00Lees-McRae College
15626Bradford Perley00:46:00.00Lees-McRae College
16643Chad Wells00:46:00.00Fort Lewis College
17608Jesse Dekrey00:46:19.00Fort Lewis College
18637John Stevens00:46:28.00Fort Lewis College
19601Aaron Bradford00:46:28.00Lees-McRae College
20644Cody Wilderman00:46:28.00Fort Lewis College
21630Shad Schreiner00:46:44.00University of Kansas
22621Brian Lawney00:46:49.00Cornell University
23615Peter Haile00:47:32.00Lees-McRae College
24664Jon Vivolo00:47:32.00Colorado State University
25657Logan VonBokel00:47:49.00Colorado State University
26628Chris Pickerell00:47:49.00Lees-McRae College
27654Caley Fretz00:48:09.00Colorado State University
28662Robert Bush00:48:18.00Marian College
29641Andrew Troy00:48:37.00Virginia Commonwealth Universi
30611Daniel Estevez00:48:45.00Lindsey Wilson College
31661Zach McBride00:48:45.00Marian College
32642Dustin Wanstrath00:48:54.00Fort Lewis College
33620Jason Knight00:49:25.00University of Kansas
34623Joshua Nagode00:49:25.00Lindsey Wilson College
35604Timothy Ciarkowski00:49:25.00Virginia Polytechnic Universit
36622Tanner Marshall00:50:49.00Kansas State University
37609Matthew Dooley1 Lap DownLindsey Wilson College
38649William Street1 Lap DownUniversity of Wisconsin-Milwau
39651Mark Smelser1 Lap DownKansas State University
40655jerome haas1 Lap DownColorado State University
41612Benjamin Fishman1 Lap DownUniversity of Northern Colorad
42652Joseph Gilch1 Lap DownRutgers University-New Brunswi
43632Jacob Sisson2 Laps DownCornell University
44624David Neidinger2 Laps DownUniversity of Kansas
45645Kyle Williams2 Laps DownUniversity of Iowa
46660Eric Gardiner2 Laps DownUtah State University
47647Jake Zimmerman2 Laps DownLindsey Wilson College
48646Don Yungher2 Laps DownRutgers University-New Brunswi
49614Andy Glaser2 Laps DownRutgers University-New Brunswi
50634Peter Smith2 Laps DownLindsey Wilson College
51653Louis Reilly2 Laps DownUniversity of Missouri-Columbi
52663Peter Deucher2 Laps DownMarian College
53648Nikolai Skievaski2 Laps DownArizona State University
54633Andrew Slater3 Laps DownUniversity of Kansas
55650Wilson Lee3 Laps DownArizona State University-Tempe
56619David Kim3 Laps DownRutgers University-New Brunswi
57639Michael Strickley3 Laps DownIllinois State University
DNS600Greg BattistaUniversity of Michagan-Ann Arb
DNS610John DoyleLees-McRae College
DNS613John GilesUniversity of Kansas
DNS616Brian HludzinskiUniversity of Colorado-Boulder
DNS629Matthew RotroffNorth Carolina State Universit
DNF602Patrick BradleyRutgers University-New Brunswi
DNF656Christopher HallColorado State University
Men – Collegiate D2
1745Colin Cares00:44:06.00Colorado College
2727Kevin Mullervy00:44:16.00Mesa State College
3707Steve Fisher00:44:16.00Western Washington University
4720Braden Kappius00:44:53.00Colorado School of Mines
5743Mitchell Hoke00:45:04.00Colorado College
6731Christopher Parrish00:45:19.00Western Washington University
7726Conor Mullervy00:45:57.00Mesa State College
8728Noah Niwinski00:46:12.00Appalachian State University
9746Dave Hackworthy00:46:35.00University of Wisconsin – Rive
10725Kyle McGilvray00:47:13.00Western Washington University
11742Pat Lemieux00:47:47.00Texas Roadhouse
12706Ryan Fawley00:47:50.00Appalachian State University
13700Zach Adams00:48:45.00Slippery Rock University
14712Aspen Gorry00:49:19.00University of Chicago
15734Brent Steinberg00:49:19.00Mesa State College
16722Michael Koballa00:49:19.00Appalachian State University
17716Lewis Hannah00:49:36.00Appalachian State University
18730William Palm00:49:42.00Massachusetts Institute of Tec
19741Jake Davidson00:50:10.00Dickinsen College
20738Erik Wilburn00:50:10.00US Military Academy
21733Jose Soltren00:50:10.00Massachusetts Institute of Tec
22708Jacob Florence00:51:13.00Appalachian State
23717Tim Humpton00:51:23.00Massachusetts Institute of Tec
24719Tim Janson00:51:28.00Rensselaer Polytechnic Institu
25718Christoph Hurley00:51:48.00Colorado School of Mines
26740Cimarron Wortham00:51:48.00Massachusetts Institute of Tec
27715Zak Hafner00:51:48.00Lindenwood University
28739Tim Woods00:52:06.00Western Washington University
29703Ian Crane00:52:27.00Whatcom Community College
30735David Stroot1 Lap DownLindonwood University
31714Joseph Grimm1 Lap DownUS Military Academy
32736Daniel Wendover1 Lap DownAppalachian State
33711Jamie Godfrey2 Laps DownAppalachian State
34702Adam Cadez-Schmidt2 Laps DownMesa State College
35704Justin Derdowski2 Laps DownUniversity of Denver
36723Jeremy May2 Laps DownUS Military Academy
37721Gregory Keith2 Laps DownUS Military Academy
38713Matt Grainger3 Laps DownAppalachian State
39744Matthew Matteson3 Laps DownColorado School of Mines
40737Morgan Whiterabbit3 Laps DownAugsburg College
DNS729Peter OzolinsThompkins Courtland Community
DNS732Geoffrey PendryUniversity of North Carolina -