Katie Compton wins her fifth straight elite women's title. © Joe Sales

Katie Compton wins her fifth straight elite women's title. © Joe Sales

by Jacob Sisson, photos by Joe Sales and Larry Rosa

The elite women’s field had a shot at victory for all of 45 seconds, before Katie Compton (Spike Shooter) took over and crushed all of those hopes. For Compton, it marked her fifth elite national championship in a row, tying American legend Alyson Dunlap for the most total national championships in American history. Compton will now be flying high as she heads back to Europe to take on the world’s elite.

The front of the women’s race looked exactly as everyone had expected, with Compton taking the reigns shortly after the start and Georgia Gould (LUNA) and Rachel Lloyd (Cal Giant Berries/Specialized) the only two riders who were able to keep the pace. Amy Dombroski (Velo Bella – Kona) was the next strongest rider on the road, but by the time the riders had completed half a lap, the rest of the race was well behind Compton, Gould and Lloyd. Compton had already successfully ridden Gould and Lloyd off her wheel as well, with small gaps forming between the three main protagonists before the first lap was over.

cxnats-rosa-1199-Edit.jpg Compton continued to apply constant pressure and the gap back to Gould continued to grow steadily. Dombroski, who had won the women’s U23 race the day before, had been brought back by the duo of Laura Van Gilder (C-3 and Maureen Bruno Roy (MM Racing p/b Seven Cycles). Behind those two, Meredith Miller (Cal Giant Berries) was stuck between the group of three and the duo of Sue Butler ( and Deidre Winfield (Velo Bella – Kona). By the time two laps were in the books, Compton’s advantage over Gould had grown to 13 seconds, and was increasing steadily. Her next lap would be one of her fastest, as the gap would grow from 13 seconds to 24 seconds.

Gould was not gaining much of an advantage over Lloyd, and at times it looked like Lloyd was slowly but surely reeling Gould in. Behind, Van Gilder and Bruno Roy had managed to put a small gap between themselves and Amy Dombroski, mostly under the pressure of Bruno Roy, who knew she would be overmatched in a sprint against either of those two ladies. Dombroski was having none of this and would claw her way back into the group. That chase group would remain intact for the rest of the race, with Van Gilder the most active in the later stages. Van Gilder led the group for the last half-lap of the race, leading out the sprint, and easily overcoming Dombroski. Bruno Roy did not have the sprinting legs of her chase group mates, and settled for sixth.

The most impressive ride of the day came out of the day’s 14th place finisher, Devon Haskell (University of Chicago). Not only was Haskell riding her way into the top ten, she had also won a national championship in the collegiate category only two hours earlier!Compton’s gap with one lap to go would stand as unassailable and she could safely ride her way down the hill to her fifth consecutive national championship. Georgia Gould was able to keep Rachel Lloyd at bay and would take home the silver medal, ahead of Lloyd, who announced just after her race that this would be her final cyclocross national championships. Van Gilder held off Dombroski to take fourth in a close sprint, with Maureen Bruno Roy crossing in sixth. Seventh place would go to Meredith Miller, who rode an impressive race to stay away from Deidre Winfield who took eighth with Sue Butler coming home ninth. The top ten was rounded out by Kelli Emmett (Giant).

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Full Results:

Place Bib Name Time Team
1 200 Katherine Compton 00:37:05.00 Spike Shooter
2 202 Georgia Gould 00:37:50.00 Luna Women’s MTB Team
3 206 Rachel Lloyd 00:38:00.00 California Giant Berry Farms/S
4 201 Laura Van Gilder 00:39:12.00 c3 Sollay
5 208 Amy Dombroski 00:39:12.00 Velo Bella – Kona
6 205 Maureen Bruno Roy 00:39:12.00 MM Racing p/b Seven Cycles
7 240 Meredith Miller 00:39:57.00 California Giant Berry Farms/S
8 204 Deidre Winfield 00:40:03.00 Velo Bella
9 203 Susan Butler 00:40:32.00
10 220 Kelli Emmett 00:40:53.00 Giant Bicycles
11 211 Kathy Sherwin 00:40:53.00 Velo Bella – Kona
12 236 Rhonda Mazza 00:40:53.00 Vanilla/Team S&M
13 232 Wendy Williams 00:40:53.00 River City Bicycle Team
14 209 Devon Haskell 00:40:53.00 The Pony Shop
15 216 Kristin Wentworth 00:41:18.00 Planet Bike
16 231 Kari STUDLEY 00:41:30.00 Velo Bella / Kona
17 212 Sarah Kerlin 00:41:42.00 HRS/ Rock Lobster
18 237 Emily Van Meter 00:41:42.00 River City Bicycle Team
19 210 Josie Jacques-Maynes 00:41:52.00 Specialized/KMC pb Cal Giant
20 235 Coryn Rivera 00:41:58.00 Team Redline
21 213 Anna Milkowski 00:41:58.00 Gear Works-Spinarts
22 219 Anna Young 00:42:36.00 Planet Bike
23 241 Kristi Berg 00:42:45.00 Redline Bicycles
24 239 Kaitlin Antonneau 00:42:45.00 Nova/IsCorp
25 207 Rebecca Wellons 00:42:45.00 Ridley Factory Team
26 224 Sydney Brown 00:42:45.00 Midwest Cycling Community
27 222 Amy Wallace 00:43:14.00 RGM WATCHES – RICHARD SACHS –
28 257 Kris Walker 00:43:14.00
29 250 Andrea Smith 00:43:14.00 Minuteman Road Club
30 233 Linda Sone 00:43:14.00 Ridley Factory Team
31 243 Carolyn Popovic 00:43:14.00 CICLE / Bear Valley Bikes
32 225 Cris Rothfuss 00:43:39.00 NEBC/Cycle Loft/Devonshire Den
33 218 Sally Annis 00:43:39.00 NEBC/CycleLoft/Devonshire Dent
34 294 Colleen Flaherty 00:43:39.00 Veloce
35 293 Elizabeth Shogren 00:43:39.00 Sobe Cannondale
36 242 Kimberly Flynn 00:43:39.00 Vantaggio/ Specialized Pro wom
37 214 Melanie Swartz 00:43:39.00 Velo Bella – Kona
38 228 Cara Applegate 00:43:39.00 BMW-Bianchi
39 234 Kristin Gavin 00:43:39.00 Temple University
40 271 Lindsey Bishop 00:43:39.00 Mafia Racing/Felt
41 284 Melissa Schultz 00:44:18.00 Cycle Sports/Trumer Pils
42 238 Deb Sweeney Whitmore 00:44:26.00 BMW Bianchi
43 252 Samantha Schneider 00:44:37.00 IS CORP
44 270 Lauren Costantini 00:44:37.00 GBL-GBD
45 290 Kathy Sarvary 00:45:01.00 Mid State Cycling Club
46 246 Maria Stewart 00:45:01.00 Velo Bella Kona
47 273 Lora Heckman 00:45:01.00 Peloton Cycles – Specialized
48 269 Brenda Moczygemba 00:45:01.00 Tough Girl / Contessa
49 221 Anne Schwartz 00:45:01.00 Flying Rhino Cycling Club
50 230 Marne SMILEY 00:45:01.00 Zias Cycle
51 267 Linda Cooper 00:45:01.00 Great Plains Cycling Club
52 291 Mary Pat Jones 00:45:01.00 Blue Competition Cycles
53 249 Corey Coogan 00:45:01.00 Ridley Factory Team
54 275 Kate Scheider 00:45:50.00 Mafia Racing
55 266 Jennifer Herrell 00:45:50.00 SKC
56 215 Catherine Walberg 00:45:50.00 KCCX/Verge
57 264 Michele Bliss 00:45:50.00 Rocky Mounts – Izze Racing
58 256 Beverly Chaney 00:46:20.00 Roaring Mouse Cycles
59 288 Beth Lyndon-Griffith 00:46:20.00 Hagens Berman Cycling
60 251 Kendall Ryan 00:46:29.00 Team C.I.C.L.E
61 244 Heidi von Teitenberg 1 Lap Down
62 248 Dorothy Wong 1 Lap Down Team C.I.C.L.E./Voler/Jamis
63 274 Robin Williams 1 Lap Down University of Iowa
64 282 Michelle Jensen 1 Lap Down FreeState Cycling Team
65 265 Susan Prieto 1 Lap Down Blue Sky Velo
66 258 Kristen Bowers 1 Lap Down Atomic Race Team
67 259 Rachel Cieslewicz 1 Lap Down Monavie/Cannondale
68 285 Christina Tamilio 1 Lap Down Minuteman Road Club
69 289 Christie Pleiss 1 Lap Down Team C.I.C.L.E
70 283 Catherine Johnson 1 Lap Down OrganicAthlete p/b VegNews Mag
71 254 Lynn Bush 1 Lap Down Tough Girl / Contessa
72 292 Laura MIZENER 1 Lap Down NA
73 272 Lianna Miller 1 Lap Down Dirt Rag/Swobo
DNS 245 Shannon Gibson VeloBella-Kona
DNS 247 Samantha Williams Sorella Cycling/BVM Engineerin
DNS 253 Anne Grofvert Bicilibre
DNS 255 Sue Semaszczuk Athletes By Design (ABD)
DNS 261 Marissa Axell Roaring Mouse Cycles
DNS 262 Lana Atchley Bailey Bikes
DNS 263 Beth Mason
DNS 268 Megan Myrick
DNS 276 Samantha Dery NEBC ? Cycle Loft/ Devonshire
DNS 278 Heidi Kanayan Team Velo Bella
DNS 279 Kelly Benjamin Cheerwine Pro Cycling
DNS 280 Christine Roettger Team Revolution
DNS 281 Carrie Cash Wootten Team Revolution
DNS 287 Maria Benson Outspokin’
DNF 217 AnnaJean Dallaire SoBe-Cannondale
DNF 223 Lisa Strong Tough Girl/Scott
DNF 226 Amanda Miller Mesa Cycles Racing Team
DNF 227 Arley Kemmerer Hub Racing
DNF 229 Julie Kuliecza ALAN North America Cycling
DNF 260 Haley Beann Boulder Cyclesport
DNF 286 Leah Sanda NA
DNF 295 Robin Farina Cheerwine Cycling