Mechanical Monday: Readers Weigh in on Season’s Best Tools

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Reader's Tool of Choice.

Reader’s Tool of Choice.

A couple of weeks ago, we asked some of our favorite mechanics and the staffers at Cyclocross Magazine which tools they simply couldn’t live without during the cyclocross season. Allen wrenches were heavily featured. But this time, we wanted to hear from our readers, the racers who can be found in the trenches and pitting for themselves. And guess what? Turns out a lot of you chose bottle opener as your most important tool. We have a highly intelligent pool of readers, and we couldn’t agree more that a bottle opener is key for cyclocross. However, we will mention that we’re partial to the headset / stem cap bottle opener by Stem CAPtain: the perfect multitool!

Here’s what you had to say:

“The tool that makes my life easiest is my portable workstand. After that, it has to be my Craftsman 19v air compressor. You say you can feel a 0.1psi increment? If it makes you happy, I can bump your tire pressure 0.1psi!” -Mike Shaw on the Cowbell Forums

“Presta air gauge and a cooking syringe with Stans.” -Chris Dougherty via Facebook

“Wheel Truing Stand, Torque Wrench, Zinn and the Art of Road Bike Maintenance, and Bottle Opener.” -Jesse D on the Cowbell Forums

“Glitter Remover.” -Brian Fornes (of Raleigh Bicycles)

“Tire gauge.” -Brett Young

“Portable pressure washer.” -Chase Wesley

Annihilator: a multifunction demolition tool.” -Christopher Jensen

“Simple Green.” -Carlo Alfano

“Pressure gauge and a good pump.” -Everyone

“WD40 and furniture polish for the frame pre-race.” -Eric Weaver

“My husband.”-Melissa Moffat

“Electrical tape.” -Dave Whitlock

“A bucket of soapy water is the most useful tool during cyclocross season, a clean bike is a quick bike. That and a size 9 rubber boot.” -S. Buschlen

…and, of course: “Bottle Opener.”
Courtesy of: Eleanor Blick, Marc T. Hollander, Keith Morlen, Anthony Carlisi, Wesley Hodgson, Tommy Barse, Todd Mobley, and Dave S.

Thanks to everyone for your serious/hilarious responses, and keep ‘em coming in the Comments section!



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Pressure Washer India
Pressure Washer India

In my opinion, each and every tool has its own purpose. The necessity varies from one home to another home. All the tools and technically advanced applications which reduce the workload are always given higher importance. For the fast and effective cleaning, pressure washer is my first choice for the bike. 


@cyclocross I'm on the lookout for best portable pressure washer for CX this season. Glad to see it on the list!


@cyclocross No glass around bike tires. Cans only.

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