Manual for Speed has been working to document cyclocross from the perspective of Team Cannondale p/b Ryan Trebon, Tim Johnson, Jamey Driscoll and Kaitie Antonneau. It’s been done before, from the decade-old hard-to-find Transitions DVD featuring Adam Myerson and other racers to Jeremy Powers’ Behind THE Barriers series. However, what makes this particularly interesting is that the documentary is focusing on the racer’s off-seasons, rather than ’cross season. The documentary – a collection of images with video interspersed – will be out later this year.

“Professional cycling—at its most elemental level—is about speed,” states Manual for Speed. “Support staff, management, individual racers and the team collectively are dedicated to its pursuit. Training, nutrition, physiology, psychology, and strategy combine to realize it. Speed is the bottom line; the ultimate goal.”

In 2011 and 2012, MFS focused on Team Exergy and Garmin. For 2013, the focus will continue to be Garmin at the Pro Tour level, but will expand to include an intimate and embedded view of Cyclocross with the Cannondale p/b team. “We will document the off-season, training, riders’ personal lives, trips to get burritos, vacations, weddings, etc. We will sleep on couches, neglect our own families, and drive cars at 20mph for hours and hours in order to gain insight into the lives of the people that make up the sport.”