Katie Compton leading the UCI rankings and the World Cup. by Mark Legg-Compton

Katie Compton leading the UCI rankings and the World Cup. by Mark Legg-Compton

Correction:  Compton actually led the UCI rankings two seasons ago. She’s the first American to do so, but it’s the second time she’s been in that position.

Katie Compton (Planet Bike) leads the UCI cyclocross points rankings released Oct 20th, 2009. Compton’s lead is attributed to her dominant win at the first round of the Cyclocross World Cup in Treviso, Italy.

Compton padded her lead with six other wins this season, making it a perfect seven wins from seven starts. Compton, will resume her racing after a brief rest at her home in Colorado Springs, Colorado with the Blue Sky race in Boulder, Colorado at the end of the month before leaving for Europe to resume her World Cup campaign.

Compton is the first American to achieve number one status, but it’s the second time she’s reached that honor.Katie believes she can defend her lead in both the World Cup overall and the UCI overall points lead until the end of the season. “It’s a great start to the season and I’m really motivated to win the World Cup overall for my new sponsor, Planet Bike,” Compton said. “The fitness is good and the bike is dialed in.”

Behind Compton sits Daphny van den Brand and Christel Ferrier-Braneau. Natasha Elliott leads the other North Americans in ninth, and Maureen Bruno-Roy in 12th.

On the men’s side, Niels Albert maintains his top ranking, with Zdenek Stybar in second. Sven Nys jumped from 127th to sixth. Compton’s teammate Jonathan Page leads North Americans in 11th, with Jeremy Powers in lucky 13th.

UCI Rankings below:

Elite Women:

1 (1)Katherine COMPTONUnited States32420
2 (2)Daphny VAN DEN BRANDNetherlands32280
3 (3)Christel FERRIER-BRUNEAUFrance31240
4 (4)Sanne VAN PAASSENNetherlands22193
5 (5)Pavla HAVLIKOVACzech Republic27185
6 (6)Helen WYMANGreat Britain29176
7 (7)Caroline MANIFrance23162
8 (8)Katrin LEUMANNSwitzerland28140
9 (16)Natasha ELLIOTTCanada32130
10 (9)Elisabeth BRANDAUGermany25120
11 (10)Sanne CANTBelgium20120
12 (14)Maureen BRUNO ROYUnited States35120
13 (20)Laura VAN GILDERUnited States46118
14 (17)Susan BUTLERUnited States39115
15 (11)Eva LECHNERItaly25100
16 (13)Nadia TRIQUET-CLAUDEFrance32100
17 (12)Jana KYPTOVACzech Republic2595
18 (15)Joyce VANDERBEKENBelgium2689
19 (28)Katerina NASHCzech Republic3385
20 (36)Georgia GOULDUnited States3076
21 (41)Deidre WINFIELDUnited States3475
22 (18)Rosa Maria BRAVO SOBASpain3470
23 (19)Veronica ALESSIOItaly2365
24 (23)Rebecca WELLONSUnited States3365
25 (21)Saskia ELEMANSNetherlands3364
26 (24)Lucie CHAINEL LEFEVREFrance2759
27 (22)Gabriella DAYGreat Britain2657
28 (25)Linda VAN RIJENNetherlands2256
29 (35)Stefania VECCHIOItaly2051
30 (38)Amanda CAREYUnited States3250
31 (26)Francesca CUCCINIELLOItaly2648
32 (27)Camille DARCELFrance2547
33 (47)Amy DOMBROSKIUnited States2347
34 (45)Alison SYDORCanada4446
35 (29)Evelyn STAFFLERItaly2644
36 (32)Vicki THOMASCanada3844
37 (30)Suzie GODARTLuxembourg4842
38 (-)Linda SONEUnited States3842
39 (51)Andrea SMITHUnited States3241
40 (31)Elke RIEDLAustria3940

Elite Men:

1 (1)Niels ALBERTBelgium24760
2 (2)Zdenek STYBARCzech Republic25625
3 (4)Klaas VANTORNOUTBelgium28435
4 (7)Francis MOUREYFrance30370
5 (3)Martin BINACzech Republic27362
6 (127)Sven NYSBelgium34342
7 (5)Christian HEULESwitzerland35314
8 (19)Kevin PAUWELSBelgium26306
9 (11)Gerben DE KNEGTNetherlands35270
10 (10)Erwin VERVECKENBelgium38257
11 (8)Jonathan PAGEUnited States34250
12 (6)Petr DLASKCzech Republic34247
13 (13)Jeremy POWERSUnited States27239
14 (18)Bart AERNOUTSBelgium28225
15 (22)Enrico FRANZOIItaly28212
16 (14)James DRISCOLLUnited States24206
17 (16)Robert GAVENDASlovakia22202
18 (12)Martin ZLAMALIKCzech Republic28197
19 (9)Kamil AUSBUHERCzech Republic35194
20 (41)Timothy JOHNSONUnited States33182
21 (66)Radomir SIMUNEKCzech Republic27181
22 (17)Thijs ALNetherlands30163
23 (25)Ryan TREBONUnited States29155
24 (26)Jan VERSTRAETENBelgium32146
25 (24)Laurent COLOMBATTOFrance32143
26 (15)Steve CHAINELFrance27135
27 (29)Ondrej BAMBULACzech Republic23121
28 (20)Christopher JONESUnited States31121
29 (35)Dieter VANTHOURENHOUTBelgium25119
30 (23)Sven VANTHOURENHOUTBelgium29116
31 (38)Thijs VAN AMERONGENNetherlands24106
32 (86)Barry WICKSUnited States29105
33 (21)Lubomir PETRUSCzech Republic20103
34 (31)Eddy VAN IJZENDOORNNetherlands25103
35 (40)Zdenek MLYNARCzech Republic3499
36 (28)Dan TIMMERMANUnited States3097
37 (32)Mariusz GILPoland2796
38 (37)Milan BARENYISlovakia3696
39 (30)Davide FRATTINIItaly3285
40 (53)Johannes SICKMUELLERGermany2884