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The start of the race. © Bart Hazen

The start of the race. © Bart Hazen

report and gallery by Bart Hazen

Jim Aernouts (Sunweb-Revor) took the win on Sunday in Contern, Luxembourg. In a sprint of two, he was faster than his compatriot Jan Denuwelaere. A few seconds later Tim Merlier finished in third rounding off the complete Belgian podium. Jens Vandekinderen and Daan Soete finished in fourth and fifth.

Despite the World Cup in Tabor, there were still about 30 riders taken the start in a warm 22 degrees Celsius. Aernouts took the hole shot and created a nice gap. Mitchell Huenders and Sascha Weber did a lot of work in the chasing group to catch up with Aernouts but didn’t succeed. They even dropped far back as they paid for their efforts. Halfway though the race, Denuwelaere bridged up to Aernouts and the two stayed together until the far end.

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