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Cleverly titled opening blog entry huh?

ya, not so much. So I’ll get to the point, welcome to cxmagazine.com – the website companion for a soon to be cyclocross magazine. Here is our plan; we’re going to blog about our experience of starting a magazine. We’re going to be an open book as far as how we are going about it, the ideas we’re coming up with for the magazine, and we’ll probably just go on and on about all things cycling because we’re bike geeks. We just can’t help it.

What would really help us is some readers to help us flush out our ideas, give us feedback, tell us we’re high when we propose something you don’t like.

We’re gonna start posting pretty regularly about the steps we’re taking to get this thing started so keep checking back.

mike [[at]] cxmagazine.com



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mark legg-compton
mark legg-compton

Great to see you guys up and running with a CX magazine
We look forward to the first edition
mark legg-compton


Stuff I'd like to see:

1)race reports w/photos from all regions

2)rider bios and interviews (and not necessarily just the Pros, but us working folk who keep the sport afloat) w/breakdowns of their bike

3)bike/equipment reviews

4)tech articles (brake setup, gluing tires, single ring stuff, etc.)

5)training/skill development (something from the Adam Myerson skool of 'cross)


got started in cross in 2006. end of mtb season and wanted to still race , felt like still had some legs left. saw local cross race in only 5 mins away. scrambled to buy parts and thru bike together. got great deal on an older kona jakethesnake. did the race, about heaved up a lung or two but finished and became hooked. cx rules and no other sport like, where else would riders drive for hours to do a 40 mins race? that is passion and dedication to a sport. plan to have many more hours in the saddle with this new found love. "till death do we Cross"

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