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The 2013 course is much different than the 2012 course. © Cyclocross Magazine

The 2013 course is much different than the 2012 course. © Cyclocross Magazine

Racers who attended the Cyclocross National Championships in Verona, Wisconsin, last year, were in for a surprise when they headed to the course to pre-ride today. Last year, the ground was dry and hard, and this year, it was a slushy, icy, snowy mess, with plowed sections of track taped off for racers. The atypically large snowfall in the area this year has left accumulations nearly a foot deep in some spots on the edges of the course, making spectating in and of itself a workout.

Cyclocross Magazine headed to Verona earlier today to check out the course and snapped some photos for racers who haven’t made their way to Madison just yet. With the forecast constantly shifting, it’s impossible to say what conditions will be for any race, but it’s certainly going to make for some interesting racing.

Conclusion: bring your snow boots, bring your mud tires, and be prepared for one wild ride!

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