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This is NOT where you'll find Cyclocross Magazine. Photo by flicker user tracyhunter

Thanks to the input from many of you, we’ve been calling and emailing local bike shops across the country and steadily growing our list of shops that carry Cyclocross Magazine. We’re not in Borders yet, but these ‘cross shops below should have Issue 2 in stock already. If you’re not a subscriber yet or you’re one of the unlucky folks who still haven’t received yours from USPS, you can hop down there and check it out. Maybe give them a call to make sure they’ve got some left.

If your favorite shop in your state isn’t on the list below yet, drop us a comment below to make sure it’ll be at the top of our list of shops to pursue. And let them know you’d like to see it! Shops that carry 20 will get some free promotion from us in our print mag and on our site, through our innovative retailer program that helps support the shops that support ‘cross.

Visit one of these cyclocross loving shops for your next ‘cross fix:


Willow Glen Bicycles, San Jose


Alpha Bicycle Company, Centennial

Boulder Cycle Sport, Boulder


Main St. Bicycles, Carpentersville


Joe’s Garage, Haydenville


Kinetic Systems, Clarkston


Biowheels, Cincinnati


Cycle Path, Portland

River City Bicycles, Portland

Sellwood Cycles, Portland

Veloshop, Portland

Veloce Bicycles, Portland


Evolution Pro Bike, Buckingham


Cascade Bicycle Studio, Seattle



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Madison, Wisconsin. I love all my local bike shops so it doesn't really matter which one.


How about getting into Spokesman or Bicycle Trip, both in Santa Cruz? They're great guys, both sell lots of 'cross stuff, and Rick Hunter and Rock Lobster guy sell through them too I think.

Hurl E.
Hurl E.

Alright, so I'm biased, but in Minnesota you should check out One On One Bicycle Studio ( and Cars-R-Coffins Cykel Garage/Coffee Bar (

-Hurl E.

Mike Clark (The &quo
Mike Clark (The &quo

Holy Cross-Crap Batman! I wanna sell your eff-ing cool 'zine in my eff-in' cool shop!!!!!!!

Tell me how, puh-leeze!

Hup Hup!

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