Cyclocross in the Olympics – Will the Community’s Voice be Heard?

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We’ve had news about cyclocross possibly being in the winter Olympics before, and gotten many people’s hopes up with our April Fools post last year on the subject. Sven Nys is optimistic it will happen, and Dugast has a tire ready if it’s on snow and ice. But the people aren’t content to sit and wait to see if it will happen.

One cyclocross fan put together a petition to get racers’ voices heard. While we’re not sure if the IOC will pay attention to such efforts, perhaps an impressive number of signatures may impress them?  Get a few million of your closest friends and sign it if you think your favorite sport should be in the Winter Games. Would it be more exciting than curling?



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Cross would be really exciting, but there would only be one race per gender right? That's maybe just one day of racing and many of these sports are multi-day, and multi-distance events. I'm not complaining, but just one day of racing won't be enough to satisfy my cross fix. How about a skills competition...."10.0 for dismount"...? Cross dancing? Cross bike in the half pipe?

Joking aside, I am really glad people are taking the initiative to present cross to the IOC. Very cool.

Dan H. SF
Dan H. SF

Call me strange, but curling has been oddly intriguing...I've found myself getting sucked into watching the matches. But, seriously, Ice Dancing is a sport?! Curling at least requires skill & tactics. Ice dancing is just a couple skating around. No required elements (i.e. jumps, spins, etc.) just a free form skate around the rink. And this is what's keeping 'cross out of the games?! WTF?!! Let the curlers keep their spot, but give us the recognition, the status, and the exposure, that 'cross deserves!

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