Thinfolio Photo Customized, Minimalist Wallet

the ThinFolio Tyvek 11g wallet, made in California. © Cyclocross Magazine

Make it cyclocross-oriented or personal. The ThinFolio Tyvek 11g wallet, made in California. © Cyclocross Magazine

Mark Abramson, former President of the Board of USA Cycling, is hoping cyclocrossers and the not-yet-converted will embrace his new venture, ThinFolio, and hold their USA Cycling (or NABRA) license and credit cards with his Tyvek-based ThinFolio wallets.

It’s a simple process. Send ThinFolio some photos, or if you’re feeling lucky, a link to your Instagram or Flickr account, and they’ll print the photos on durable Tyvek material, and sew the prints into a wallet that weighs just 11 grams. Web tools help you select the images and lay it out, or if you want to be surprised, Abramson will create something from a link to your photo storage.

Ever end up racing your buddies on a training ride with your wallet in your jersey pocket? Think of the weight savings when you hit the hills. At around $35, ThinFolio’s wallet might crush the dollar-per-gram benchmark that weight weenies reference. Better yet, the material itself is far more weather-proof than the typical leather wallet.

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