Keep legs warm at Nationals with Buckler Embrocation.

Keep legs warm at Nationals with Buckler Embrocation.

Buckler Embrocation

Embrocation makes for the perfect gift. Why? It’s a luxury item, one that you could argue is completely unnecessary, yet makes you feel warm and likely smelling good too. It’s also a safe gift, in that even if the lucky recipient already has some, their stock won’t last forever, and additional “heat” levels and scents are often welcome.

We’ve been shining up our legs with two embros lately. One is the small, craft-brewed Buckler embrocation, made in small handcrafted batches in Oakland, California. Buckler offers four different blends of its embrocation, with its Pacific (no heat), Arenberg (medium), Koppenberg (hot), and Lionheart (mild). We’ve grown to like the Arenberg. It takes a while to work into the skin and heat up, but a normal application can last for at least four hours. This means you can rub it in, wash your hands, then head out to the race and be ready to go when you arrive.  Made from organic ingredients including grapespeed oil, rapeseed oil, beeswax, and unrefined Shea Butter, the Buckler embrocation retails for $17.95 for a 4oz tub.

MSRP: $17.95 for 4oz.