BOSTON, MASSACHUSETTS – For the 2013/14 cyclocross season Honey Bikes is proud to announce a very special limited edition series of race bikes we are calling “Cross is Boss.” The Honey Cross is Boss Limited Edition machines are lighter, faster, and maybe the most unique ‘cross bikes available. Honey will deliver a race-ready bike, by August 1, to each the first 20 riders that order a Cross is Boss bike by June 15.

Honey offers three configuration options: Disc, Cantilever, or Singlespeed – available as framesets and complete bikes. Each bike includes a special paint scheme and limited edition items. Only 20 Limited Edition bikes are available.

The Honey Cross is Boss is a pure contemporary American race bike: “responsive, quick, and stripped down for cross racing.” Hand-built in the US; Honey crafts each frame, one at a time, from the lightest micro-alloy steels.

Disc: Disc brakes can offer a true competitive advantage to a ’cross racer. Certain courses require more aggressive braking. With the Honey disc you can race as aggressively as you like without worrying about ending up in the tape.

Cantilever: Cantilever brakes are the calling card of traditional ’cross racers. Cantis are still the most popular choice in Europe. The biggest advantages are ease of set up, operation, and compatibility with all wheels systems.

Singlespeed: The Honey SSCX. In a very few years US SSCX, has become, dare we say, ‘‘mainstream.’’ The numbers and attendance for these races is growing at a fevered pitch. The appeal is equal parts fun, mayhem, and toughly fought competition. These races are not for the weak of heart.

For the Cross is Boss project, Honey is offering a choice of one of three additional benefits as a thank you for racing ’cross! Option One: a Limited Edition Honey jersey, in partnership with Rapha Performance Roadwear. Option Two: a tin of Limited Edition Honey Medium-Heat Embrocation, in partnership with Buckler Embrocation, and a subscription to Cyclocross Magazine (we at CXM recommend this option!). Option Three: let Honey sponsor you! We will pay for three ’cross races for the 2013/14 season!

 Marketing Director of Honey Bikes Chip Baker explains a bit about the company, saying, “Honey is specialty bikes – each model purpose built to excel at one style of riding. A good example of this specialization is Honey’s cyclocross bike category. We offer four distinct ’cross models, each for very different purposes and strengths. Do you focus on the ’cross race season, featuring tight and technical US races? We have a bike for that. Are you looking for a ’cross bike that will excel at 70-mile rides through uncharted trails? Honey has a specific bike for that. And we offer all four Honey cyclocross models in singlespeed versions, too. Honeys are not ‘one bike for all kinds of riding,’ these are no-excuses specialist bikes.”

He adds, “There is so much going on in cycling right now with multiple wheel sizes and limitless niches. Honey can respond quickly and provide a rider with a bike purpose built to the type of riding they want to do.”


  • Complete bikes start at $2,995
  • Framesets: frame, fork, and stem all painted to match starting at $1,895