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Katie Compton quickly put the field behind her, powering away on the day's stiff climb. © Amy Dykema

Katie Compton quickly put the field behind her, powering away on the day's stiff climb. © Amy Dykema

Katie Compton (Planet Bike) again proved to be unstoppable as she tore through the elite women’s field at day two of the Planet Bike in Sun Prairie, Wisconsin. Katerina Nash (Luna) again looked to be the best suited to give Compton a run, but Compton’s mix of power and technique was too much for the Czech ‘crosser, and Compton again took a commanding win. Georgia Gould (Luna) had made her way up the leading two early in the race, before a Compton attack put her to rest for good, relegating her to third on the day. 

The course that the women rode on was much dryer than it had been 24 hours earlier, and many thought that the decrease in technicality might give Katerina Nash a bit more of a chance to hang with Compton. For a time, that looked like it would be true, as Nash, Compton and Alison Sydor (Maxxis-Rocky Mountain) emerged out of the holeshot in a leading group of three. Compton quickly moved to the front of the group in an effort to shed Sydor and Nash. Compton’s move was successful in ridding the front of Sydor but not of Nash. Behind, Gould had picked up Sydor and was closing in on the front.

Gould’s chase was somewhat successful, and by the time two laps were in the books, she had made contact with Nash and Compton. Compton knew that Gould’s return would allow the Luna team to play some tactics, and quickly attacked just as Gould thought she could ease up for an instant. Nash managed again to hang on, but Gould was gone for good, focusing on a race for third place.

Behind the leading four, Sue Butler (Monavie-Cannondale.com), Amy Dombroski (Richard Sachs-RGM Watches-Radix) and Alison Dunlap (Luna) were waging a tough battle for fifth. Dombroski had the better first part of the race, and it was catching up to her, as Butler and Dunlap moved their way ahead of the young Richard Sachs Rider. Sydor was fading back to the duo of Butler and Dunlap, and was soon collected into a group of three. Sydor attacked the group with some regularity, and she was eventually successful in ditching Dunlap, but Butler continued to hang tough.

Katie Compton led the way to create the initial selection to pull out Katerina Nash (r) and Alison Sydor (not pictured). © Amy Dykema

Katie Compton led the way to create the initial selection to pull out Katerina Nash (r) and Alison Sydor (not pictured). © Amy Dykema

Up front, Nash and Gould were slowing their pace as the race wore on, as Compton continued to hold fast lap times. Gould was in danger of being scooped up by Butler and Sydor. Butler was doing the majority of the chasing, as Sydor was content to sit on and try to out sprint Butler. Gould had enough left in the tank, however, to keep Butler and Sydor at bay, and finished up her race in third place. Ahead, Compton put it in cruise control and easily outpaced everyone to take home her third UCI victory of the season, after her victory at Cross Vegas and her victory on day one of the Planet Bike Cup on Saturday. Nash rolled across the line in second, positioning herself well for an assault on the USGP series title. Compton will not be back in the States to contest the rest of the USGP rounds, so Nash has a good lead over her teammate, Gould.

Gould was safely in third when she crossed the line, as Butler attacked and distanced Sydor heading into the final third of the final lap. Dunlap was able to hold off a determined Dombroski, who picked up speed through the final lap, and closed the gap to Dunlap significantly, but ran out of space before she could reel her in completely, settling for seventh. Deidre Winfield (C3 Athletes Serving Athletes) rode a strong race and finished up eighth. Kristin Wentworth, who rode a very strong race for hometown sponsor Planet Bike, took ninth followed by Devon Haskell (Velo Bella) who rounded out the top ten.

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Women’s Results
place bib rider team country UCI points
1 1 COMPTON Katherine Planet Bike USA 50
2 4 NASH Katerina Luna Pro Team CZE 40
3 2 GOULD Georgia LUNA Pro Team USA 34
4 3 BUTLER Susan Monavie-Cannondale.com USA 30
5 21 SYDOR Alison Team Maxxis-Rocky Mountain CAN 26
6 22 DUNLAP Alison LUNA Pro Team USA 23
7 6 DOMBROSKI Amy Richard Sachs-RGM USA 20
8 5 WINFIELD Deidre C3 – Athletes Serving Athletes USA 17
9 9 WENTWORTH Kristin Planet Bike USA 14
10 7 HASKELL Devon Velo Belo USA 12
11 15 SONE Linda Planet Bike USA 10
12 17 FLYNN Kimberly Vantaggio/Specialized USA 9
13 14 STUDLEY Kari Velo Bella USA 8
14 16 ANTONNEAU Kaitlin Planet Bike USA 7
15 10 DALLAIRE AnnaJean Cannondale Factory Racing USA 6
16 12 SCHWARTZ Anne Flying Rhino Cycling Club USA 5
17 20 KLUG Holly Courage USA 4
18 24 PLAYMAN Erin gentle lovers USA 3
19 23 WILLIAMS Robin Mercy-Specialized USA 2
20 8 KERLIN Sarah HRS /Rock Lobster USA 1
21 13 SMILEY Marne Scott USA
22 19 COOGAN Corey Ridley Factory Team USA
23 30 BOREM Nicole DRT Consulting USA
24 28 MEEK Therese Bikeclicks.com/Team USA
25 26 KAUFMANN Patricia Planet Bike USA
26 29 STEUDEL Kathryn Team Pegasus USA
27 18 KROLL Whitney Cane Creek USA
28 25 JAMES Ashley Team Kenda USA