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The men hit the barriers at GP Brabant. © Bart Hazen

The men hit the barriers at GP Brabant. © Bart Hazen

With Marianne Vos and Tom Meeusen taking the wins at one of the first Euro ’cross races of the season, with a seriously star-studded field, our photographer and journalist Bart Hazen was on the ground to chat with the winners and capture the race as well.

Marianne Vos: “Actually I started a little bit too fast. I quickly created a gap but I had to make sure to keep the gap for the remainder of the race. The course was ideal for me, very fast and technical. I will ride two more races (Woerden and Valkenburg) before I will take a break. I feel I am getting tired and need rest. After some rest I can really start my build up towards the [World] Championships in January.”

Tom Meeusen: “It was my intention to start the season very strong, and with two wins [including Laarne last weekend] I can say I succeeded. On this course I knew immediately I was one of the favorites but Nys, Van der Haar and Walsleben were strong too but it was impossible to get away. If you created a gap you had to keep the pace very high too keep it. But I think it was a lovely Saturday afternoon for the audience with a good end for me.”

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