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  • Planet Adventure Athlete Profile: Rebecca Zink

    Zink on a run up. Chris Jones

    by Robert Annis for Planet Adventure To say Shamrock Cycles racer Rebecca Zink has had her best seasons on both…

  • In the Saddle with Tristan Schouten, Working Man Pro

    Tristan Schouten, one of our oft-mentioned “Working Men” of pro cyclocross found time in his busy schedule, between work, training…

  • Meredith Miller is Pretty in Pink for Breast Cancer Awareness

    by Molly Hurford Meredith Miller, for the second year in a row, is putting on her pink skinsuit once again…

  • Hup, Hup, Hup Y’all! Cyclocross, Texas-Style


    by Daniel Curtin A recent transplant to Texas has written a couple of editorials for this publication. An experienced cyclocross…

  • “You Got This”: Amateur Women of the Verge Series, Part IV

    Cait Dooley. Power Animal: Unicorn. Marty Walsh

    Cait is in her second year of racing cyclocross and rides for Geekhouse Bikes. When she’s not racing, she’s a…

  • In the Saddle with Helen Wyman, Great Britain’s National Champion and Nine Time US Race Winner

    Helen Wyman took control in Gloucester © Natalia Boltukhova | Pedal Power Photography | 2011

    This time around, when the phrase “the British are coming!” was shouted at nighttime in Massachusetts, the British could not…

  • “You Got This:” Amateur Women of the Verge Series, Part III

    Donehew on the Gloucester runup. Todd Prekaski (

    Kristina Donehew is in her first year of racing cyclocross and races for Hup United. In her earlier years, she…

  • In the Saddle with Mitch Graham, Director of the Zipp Ohio Valley Cyclocross Series

    Mitch Graham with Katie Compton at Harbin Park in 2007. Julie Black

    Mitch Graham is the director of the Zipp Ohio Valley Cyclocross Series, as well as the race director of the…

  • Madison Nationals 2012: Interview with Race Director Tom Schuler

    The crowd, including Panda-man and Mr. Gumbi goes crazy as local racer Ryan Trebon tries to bridge up to race leaders Tod Wells (Specialized) and Jeremy Powers (Cannondale/Cyclocrossworld) at 2011 Nationals © Joe Sales

    This year will, technically speaking, be without a US National Championships, as for the first time the event has been…

  • Craig Richey’s Rider Diary: Season Openers and the European Invasion

    Craig at the Midnight Ride of Cyclocross Russ Campbell

    Canadian racer Craig Richey is starting his season in the US this year, though like last year in Belgium, he’s…

  • Mical Dyck Rider Diary: From CX to Xterra to CX

    Rapha Focus GP

    Mical Dyck in her element – on the ’cross course. ©Doug Brons Mical Dyck loudly announced her cyclocross season’s intentions…

  • In the Saddle with Jason Knauff, Series Director of the Chicago Cross Cup

    Chaos ensues at Jackson Park Cyclocross. Bill Draper

    by Barron Gira We recently caught up with Jason Knauff, series director of the Chicago Cross Cup (CCC) since 2009,…

  • In the Saddle with Brian Joder, Promoter of the Sacramento Cyclocross Series

    Katerina Nash (Luna) Leads Emily Thurston (Missing Link) Laguna Del Sol, Sacramento Cyclocross Series

    Brian Joder of chats to Tim Westmore about this year’s series, sponsors, format and the “smiling dirty faces” of Sacramento.

  • Rider Diary: Gabby Day’s US Adventures

    Gabby Day at the Midnight Ride of Cyclocross. Russ Campbell

    Since mid-September, UK-based racer Gabby Day has been on the East Coast in the US racing in the MidAtlantic and…

  • A Fine Line – Trying To Stay Upright In Oregon, Part II

    Sterry takes to the barriers at David Douglas CX. Photo courtesy of David Sterry

    This season, we’ll be following a few racers who have some interesting stories to share. From a freshly-minted elite racer…

  • Rider Profile: Wandering Cyclist Add to the Ranks of that ’Cross Community

    Throughout Northern California there are many, many cyclists whose personalities add to those idiosyncrasies of the cyclocross community— competitive, relaxed, laid back, perhaps even on the fringe of normal society. Last year, a meandering athlete “found” cyclocross and added her “bent” to the sport. Now, she sets sights on immersing herself in the scene and improving her game.

  • In the Saddle with Adam McGrath, Pro Cyclocross Racer Turned Farmer/Racer

    New training buddies. Adam McGrath

    Pro racer Adam McGrath has gone from international racer to local farmer in the past year, though he hasn’t hung…

  • “You Got This”: Amateur Women’s Nor’Easter Edition

    Lodrina Cherne races for Geekhouse in the Verge Series. © Tiffany Remy (

    Preparation for my trip to Burlington, Vermont and Nor’Easter ‘Cross came with a lot of expectations. After a weekend where I went flying off my bike like Joey hitting a barrier, I was ready to make the three hour plus drive to Burlington worthwhile. I wanted to get a Verge point which would earn me callups at series races for the rest of the year.

  • Behind The Scenes: Soigneur Wilfried de Pauw

    de Pauw with mechanic Wilfried Van de Keere and Cyclocrosser Ritchie Denolf

    When watching the big names like Sven Nys or Daphny Van den Brand cross the finish line, you often see someone running towards them with a jacket and water bottle in hand. This “behind the scenes” character is a soigneur – the backbone to most every cyclist on race day.

  • It’s Always a Good Day to Ride: And Now The Real Fun Begins

    Paul is ready to ride - stop by and see him at the USGP today! Photo courtesy of Paul Warloski

    Paul is ready to ride – stop by and see him at the USGP today! Photo courtesy of Paul Warloski

    By the time you read this today, the mwi cross circus will have gathered under the black and green tent near the start line in Sun Prairie, WI for the first weekend of the USGP.

    It’s the start of the racing, the travel, the camaraderie, and off-camber downhill turns. The heckling, suffering, mud, and crashes.

  • Racer Profile: the Master

    You can learn a lot at a clinic, though you may not be bunny-hopping barriers anytime soon. Neil Schirmer

    Neil is a Masters cyclocrosser in his third season of racing in the Mid-Atlantic region. Bikes and bike racing have always been part of his life, starting with BMX racing as a youngster, evolving into recreational MTB riding in college, eventually ending up in competitive amateur road racing and cyclocross today.

    For the 2012 season, his goals are to score points in his local race series, improve his skills, and continue having more fun racing bikes than any adult should rightfully be able to have.

  • Racer Profile: The Newly Elite

    Our newly elite racer, Donny Green, post-race at Nittany. Molly Hurford

    It’s every racer’s dream to upgrade to the Elite field, to line up at the start with the pro racers that we love to read about. Every year, more and more racers are starting in the Elite field, and we wanted to hear what it feels like to go from winning in the lower categories to starting in the back of the grid with racers like Jeremy Powers in the front.

  • “You Got This”: Reports from the Amateur Women’s Field at Verge, Part 1

    The amateur women on the line at Green Mountain this past weekend. Jeff Bramhall

    It has been whispered that the Women’s field is one of the fastest growing in cyclocross racing today. Looking down the line of the first race in the 2011 Verge Series, Green Mountain Cyclocross, this is visually apparent – a mass of close to 50 competitive cyclists tensely await the whistle. This is ten riders more than last year and while this may not seem like anything more than a tiny victory compared to most other sports, even other types of cycling, that number is huge. If ten new women race every season that means there could be close to 60 next year, and so on. Not to mention that because this is the Amateur Women’s category, most of these women are only a few seasons in and keep coming back or, even bigger, are brand new. We have been talking. We have been recruiting. We have been having fun, seeing results, getting better and telling our friends to join in.

  • Meet The Promoter: Kyle Isaacson and Joe Johnson of S.B.R Utah

    Dusty Utah cyclocross.

    We were trying to scheme up ways about how to get more of our friends into CX. It is hard to talk somebody into buying a whole new bike set up until they have experienced how fun a race is themselves. We also wanted to create a local mid week series to give us more time on our cross bikes during the racing season and use it as a good work out.

  • Jesse Anthony to Retire from Cyclocross

    Jesse Anthony is racing his last race at Gloucester this season.

    As many of you know, Jesse Anthony has announced that after Gloucester’s race this year, he will be retiring from cyclocross to pursue road racing as his main sport. After the summer he’s had, we can’t say that we blame him, as he’s had some amazing finishes and wins, winning Nature Valley overall to name just one. But we will miss him in cyclocross. Issue 15 will include a reflective piece from Anthony as well as a look back at his superlative cyclocross career.

  • Roadie Ben Swift Talks Off-Season And Cyclocross

    Roadie Ben Swift agrees that cyclocross is a great off-season workout.

    “When I was young I use to race cyclocross. I would like to do it again for fun, as the strength you can get from it would be great training.”

  • In The Saddle With Gabby Day, UK-Based Cyclocrosser

    Gabby taking a muddy downhill ahead of an opponent. Photo courtesy of Gabby Day

    The Euro Invasion has hit the East Coast, and UK-based cyclocrosser Gabby Day has been staying with me in the days leading up to Nittany. This 26-year-old racer has never been to the US, and while maybe the Philadelphia airport wasn’t the best introduction to the country, I’ve been trying to show her some of the nicer parts. Granted, it’s been raining every day, which is going to mean a very muddy start to her US cyclocross season, but she’s taking in stride. With her first US race only a few days away, I wanted to ask her a few questions about her first impressions of the US and how it feels being a woman in the sport.

  • Urban Ecology Of A Stolen Cyclocross Bike

    Steal a bike and this may be your new residence. 826 Paranormal

    Two years ago, I started bike commuting to Arizone State University (six miles each way) after not having ridden in a decade. I decided to get a versatile cyclocross bike. It could be easily converted between a road, touring, commuter and light duty mountain bike. While cyclocross is one of the fastest growing sports in America, ’cross bikes are still fairly rare. I starting racing in a local race series with about 50 other people, got hooked and was interested in getting a faster race bike. About 10-50 bikes are listed on the Phoneix Craigslist every day, but a ’cross bike only appears every week or two, and it was never the right size or what I was looking for. So, I started upgrading and customizing my bike over two years, while putting about 5000 miles on it.
    Then it got stolen, a comedy of errors ensued, and all was amazingly resolved in less than 24 hours.

  • It’s Always A Good Day To Ride: Preparation, Waiting, And Finding Some Patience

    At least school is finally done for the year for Lee. Photo from flickr via KB35

    In less than two weeks, I’ll be traveling to the first cross race of the season. Like you, I’ve been preparing for these races all year, training hard, eating and drinking right (most of the time … )

  • A Fine Line – Trying To Stay Upright In Oregon

    David Sterry, post-race. Photo courtesy of Flickr's klamath_falls

    I’m getting dropped. It’s a Saturday morning in the middle of August, and I’m on a training ride with my teammate Christian in Portland’s Forest Park. We are headed up a stupidly steep fire lane and all I can think is: I’m getting dropped. I should be at home sleeping in, or at least eating breakfast and reading a book. But instead I’m out here, heart rate through the roof, sweat dripping on to my Garmin so I can’t even read it, looking for an extra gear I know isn’t there. What am I doing?

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