Bolle at Sea Otter 2014. © Cyclocross Magazine

Ready for clarity? Bolle has you covered at Sea Otter 2014. © Cyclocross Magazine

When I strolled by the Bollé booth and stopped to check out the lenses, the first thing that popped to mind was, in a word, “Sharp.” The lenses are designed to be as close to glass as possible, and as someone who has tested countless glasses, I can safely say that the Bollé lenses—at least, before being put through the paces of a hard ride—were the clearest I’d ever looked through.

This year, Bollé had two new styles for cyclists, the 6th Sense and the Breakaway.

Bolle at Sea Otter 2014. © Cyclocross Magazine

Bolle’s new Sixth Sense glasses at Sea Otter 2014. © Cyclocross Magazine

The 6th Sense is designed to be stable during any kind of riding—key for a ’crosser. The nose piece adjusts not in three clicks, like some other adjustable nose pieces, but rather, it molds tighter to your nose. A brief but vigorous head-shaking on my part couldn’t budge them.

The fit combined with the clear lens technology explains the hefty (though not unheard of for sunglasses) price tag of $189.99.

Bolle at Sea Otter 2014. © Cyclocross Magazine

Breakaway with Bolle’s ultra-clear lenses at Sea Otter 2014. © Cyclocross Magazine

The other new pair—or at least, new colors in the frames—was in the form of the Breakaway. Again, the glasses are designed to stay in place (though perhaps not quite as well as the 6th Sense after the “shake test”) and be aerodynamic.

Additionally, photochromic technology enables racers to keep the same glasses in constantly-changing conditions, which contributes to the $199.99 price tag.

Stay tuned as we hope to test out these glasses in the mud and rain!

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