Ben Berden Talks July Cyclocross, Mountain Bikes and Season Plans

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Raleigh – Clement’s Belgian cyclocross star took third at the 2013 Raleigh Midsummer Night’s Cyclocross Race in Deer Valley, Utah, behind Giant’s stair-riding Carl Decker and 2013 National Champion Jonathan Page. He took a few minutes away from all but one of his adoring fans to talk with Cyclocross Magazine after his finish about racing cyclocross in July, using mountain bikes in cyclocross races, and his plans for the season.

Berden was diplomatic about Decker’s win and equipment choice. “He was on a straight bar, with fat tires and he rode those stairs,” Berden recalled. “He’s a big name, so there’s no shame in losing to that guy.”

When asked about the course, Berden said, “It was rocky and bumpy, but you don’t have much options here [in Deer Valley]. As a professional cyclist you have to [race] everything that comes to you.”

On the rocky course, Berden raced his sponsor’s Clement PDX 33mm tubulars at about 25 psi, lower than many of the women racers.

Berden supported Decker’s decision to ride the dual suspension mountain bike, but wouldn’t have opted for it himself if one was available. “I don’t know what a mountain bike is,” he joked. “It is an event that allows you to race whatever you want, I have a mountain bike if I want, but I was born on a cross bike and I’m sticking with that.”

See the full Cyclocross Magazine (avail in 720p in HD) video interview below. Stay tuned for the full interviews with Jonathan Page, Carl Decker and Craig Etheridge.

Interview with Raleigh Clement’s Ben Berden:

Deer Valley, July 25, 2013





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Cyclocross Magazine
Cyclocross Magazine

Todd, no rule change. The article from the race tries to explain that. In our publisher's 23 years of cx, flat bars have always been legal in non uci races and non nats. And flat bars were allowed at worlds and nats not THAT long ago. It's the beauty and welcoming aspect of cx. It's up to the promoter to design a course that favors a cx bike if important to the promoter.

Todd Richards
Todd Richards

can somebody explain to me if there was a rule change recently allowing the flatbar? is this in conjuction with disc brakes (which i believe in).. but sriously... using a MB on a 'cross race? why is this alllowed... i remember a few years back it occured but why so recently?

John Kingham
John Kingham

Is he not wearing Lazers now? Nooooooooo

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