French National Championship: Mourey Adds Another, Caroline Mani Sprints to Title

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Mourey takes the win. Rad Racing GP 2010 © Joe Sales

Mourey, seen here dominating the American early season, wins another french title. File photo ©Joe Sales

Francis Mourey (Francaise Des Jeux) continues his impressive run this season, with his 10th win perhaps the most significant yet – the French tricolor jersey will stay on his shoulders for another year. The win marks Mourey’s eighth national cyclocross title, and his sixth in the Elite ranks. He won the race by over a minute, and will look to use the momentum as he rolls into the final rounds of the World Cup and the World Championships.

Mourey was able to ride through what he later described as “heavy legs” in the first few circuits of the course. He told Agence France Press that he’s enjoying better form than in past seasons. “The goal is a podium place,” said Mourey. “I think that it’s attainable this year.”

Many pundits picked Mourey’s teammate, Steve Chainel, who tightly battled Mourey but came up just short in 2010, as the biggest threat, but Chainel could only muster fourth. Road climbing phenom and best French finisher in both the Tour de France and Giro d’ Italia, John Gadret (Ag2R La Mondiale) took second ahead of Arnold Jeannesson (Francaise Des Jeux). Other prominent roadies included Sandy Casar in 12th (Francaise Des Jeux), Sébastien Hinault (Ag2R La Mondiale) and Jérôme Pineau (Quick Step Cycling Team).

Caroline Mani (CC EtupES Le Doubs Pays De Montbeliard) was a bit of a surprise winner in the women’s race, beating cyclocross World Cup regular and 2010 Junior road race world champion Pauline Ferrand Prevot (A C Bazancourt Reims) in a sprint. Christel Ferrier Bruneau rounded out the podium in third.

Full Results:


1 Francis Mourey (Francaise Des Jeux) 1:01:33
2 John Gadret (Ag2R La Mondiale) 0:01:09
3 Arnold Jeannesson (Francaise Des Jeux) 0:01:26
4 Steve Chainel (Francaise Des Jeux) 0:02:21
5 Nicolas Bazin (Big Mat Auber 93) 0:02:25
6 Arnaud Labbe (Cofidis Le Credit En Ligne) 0:03:21
7 Laurent Colombatto (Amicale Cycliste Bisontine) 0:03:27
8 David Derepas (Eadeaf Deutsch Prodialog) 0:03:33
9 Julien Roussel (Veloce Club Rouen 76) 0:03:38
10 Florian Le Corre (Roubaix Lille Metropole) 0:03:51
11 Romain Lejeune (U.V Aube) 0:04:10
12 Sandy Casar (Francaise Des Jeux) 0:05:04
13 Jérôme Chevallier (Amicale Cycliste Bisontine) 0:05:26
14 Johan Mombaerts (Big Mat Auber 93) 0:05:51
15 Sébastien Hansen (Us Domont Cyclisme) 0:06:18
16 Jérôme Boussekey (CV Lievin) 0:06:39
17 Ludovic Renard (C. Poitevin) 0:06:52
18 Damien Mougel (Velo Sprint Eguisheim) 0:06:58
19 Jean Philippe Maheau (UC Nantes Atlantique) 0:07:03
20 Alexandre Baillet (Cc Villeneuve Sa) 0:07:04
21 Pascal Perrin (Asptt Nancy) 0:07:21
22 Guillaume Perrot (E.C St Etienne Loire) 0:07:47
23 Sébastien Minard (Ag2R La Mondiale) 0:09:28
-1lap Julien Pion (Charvieu Chavagneux)
-1lap Sébastien Hinault (Ag2R La Mondiale)
-1lap Morgan Chedhomme (CM Aubervilliers 93)
-1lap Lionel Genthon (Bourg En Bresse Ain Cyclisme)
-1lap Romain Villa (U.V Aube)
-1lap Steven Garcin (VS Hyerois)
-2laps Jérémy Mounier (Creuse Oxygene)
-2laps Christophe Le Bouedec (EC Quevenoise)
-2laps Mickaël Bleuzen (EC Pluvignoise)
-2laps Damien Fleury (AC Bayeux)
-2laps Julien Trehin (UC Cholet 49)
-2laps Sébastien Le Naour (VS Quimper)
-2laps Mickael Damiens (C. Poitevin)
-2laps Thibaut Villa (U.V Aube)
-2laps Loïc Herbreteau (GSC BlagnAC)
-3laps Yoann Corbihan (UCP Plouay)
-3laps David Bonhomme (Evian Velo)
-3laps Bertrand Sainz (Bourg En Bresse Ain Cyclisme)
-3laps Valentin Cosnier (VS Chartres)
-3laps Mathieu Halleguen (Bretagne Schuller)
-3laps Sébastien Davoust (Ca Evron)
-3laps Jérôme Pineau (Quick Step Cycling Team)
-3laps Thomas Collinet (UC Vitry Frignicourt)
-3laps Aurélien Bianciot (La Fleche Floracoise)
-4laps David Chataignon (V.C Ambert)
DNF Yann Le Queau (Leucemie Espoir Quimper)
DNF Clément Bourgoin (Charvieu Chavagneux)
DNF Boris Chauveau (Montrichard Velo Club)
DNF François Bruneval (Veloce Club Rouen 76)
DNF Simon Le Brun (C. Poitevin)


1 Caroline Mani (CC EtupES Le Doubs Pays De Montbeliard) 0:44:23
2 Pauline Ferrand Prevot (A C Bazancourt Reims)
3 Christel Ferrier Bruneau (Beziers-Mediterranee Cycl) 0:00:16
4 Nadia Triquet Claude (UC Bassin Houiller) 0:01:39
5 Camille Darcel (EC Mayennaise) 0:02:12
6 Bénédicte Herve (ES Livarot) 0:02:48
7 Perrine Philippe (CM Aubervilliers 93) 0:03:30
8 Pauline Melaye (ASPTT RennES Cyclisme) 0:04:07
9 Sandrine Baldassarre (Evian Velo) 0:04:23
10 Stéphanie Vaxillaire (Pedale Semuroise) 0:04:46
11 Aurélia Dupont (EC Château D`Olonne) 0:05:19
12 Cécile Delaire (AS Fondette) 0:05:25
13 Alna Burato (A C Bazancourt Reims) 0:05:32
14 Cynthia Huygens (Uv Fourmisienne) 0:05:53
15 Marlene Petit (Chambery C. Competition) 0:06:20
16 Laura Joubert (Annecy Cyc. Comp.) 0:06:39
17 Manuella Glon (Oust Lanvaux Vtt) 0:07:30
18 Eva Colin (Velo Club Ornans) 0:07:41
19 Karine Bonhomme (Evian Velo) 0:08:14
20 Audrey Perreon (UC Bellevilloise) 0:09:12
21 Céline Ondet (V.C Riom) 0:09:52
22 Louise Blot (Creuse Oxygene) 0:10:18
23 Camille Robert (Pedale Chalonnaise) 0:10:23
24 Fanny Stumpf (La Pedale Fertoise) 0:10:27
25 Amélie Morel Petitgirard (Velo Club Ornans) 0:12:23
-1lap Sandra Leaud (C Poitevin)
-1lap Marion Moulin (VV Savignolais)
-1lap Alexandra Borruto (Evian Velo)
-1lap Justine Morinaud (VC Sebastiennais)
DNF Christina Seiller (UC NantES Atlantique)
DNS Jennifer Letue (Vienne Futuroscope)



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