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OVCX Poster © James Billiter

The Zipp Ohio Valley Cyclocross Tour has released a 2010 race schedule that is long on tradition, but with a heightened sense of significance. “I think this schedule will establish the Ohio Valley as a bonafide, red-hotbed of ‘cross,” said Zipp OVCX Director Mitch Graham. “There are only eight UCI C1 races in the U.S. this year, and the Zipp OVCX has 25% of them. We also have three races at the 2013 World Championship (and 2012-2013 Master’s World Championship) venue at Louisville’s Eva Bandman Park and the big three-day Cincinnati UCI3 Festival in October. And it’s looking increasingly likely that another of the municipal parks that we use as one of our venues may also be constructing a permanent cyclocross facility.” 

Zipp OVCX’s 2010 schedule will look familiar to long-time followers of the Midwest ‘cross scene. Nearly all of the traditional races have returned, and only one new race, in Indianapolis at the end of the year, has been added to the program. The fifteen-race series encompasses three states, which together represent roughly the same land area as all of Italy. There will be two international weekends comprising five UCI races, two of which will be UCI C1. Altogether, there will be three races in Indiana, and six each in Ohio and Kentucky.

The Tour will start September 19 at the Kings CX weekend in Cincinnati, which last year broke all attendance records for a non-UCI OVCX race. From there, the Tour meanders through the region with only one weekend off until the final doubleheader weekend in Indianapolis, Indiana in December. On-line registration for all races on the 2010 Zipp OVCX Tour this year will be through For more information on the Zipp OVCX Tour, see

2010 OVCX Schedule:

September 19 Kings CX; Cincinnati, Ohio
October 3 Tour de Louisville; Louisville, Kentucky
October 8 Cincinnati UCI3 – Devou Park UCI C2; Covington, Kentucky
October 9 Cincinnati UCI3 – Middletown UCI C2; Cincinnati, Ohio
October 10 Cincinnati UCI3 – Harbin Park UCI C1; Cincinnati, Ohio
October 17 Bloomingcross; Bloomington, Indiana
October 23 Derby City Cup USGP – UCI C1; Louisville, Kentucky
October 24 Derby City Cup USGP – UCI C2; Louisville, Kentucky
October 31 Eva Bandman STG; Louisville, Kentucky
November 7 Gun Club Cross; Cincinnati, Ohio
November 14 Infirmary Mound; Columbus, Ohio
November 21 Promotion Cross; Lexington, Kentucky
November 28 John Bryan State Park Ohio State Champs; Yellow Springs, Ohio
December 4 Ft Harrison; Indianapolis, Indiana
December 5 OVCX Finale – Brookside Cross Cup; Indianapolis, Indiana