Are you ready for Worlds? This clip might get you in the spirit.

From the Hoogerheide World Championship Website:

A unique happening in the cyclo-cross is having our own theme. Mathieu and David van der Poel, sons of cycling legend Adrie van der Poel [Mathieu is the current Junior World Champion], made an WK Theme Hoogerheide 2014: “Liam McDurt ft. Mathieu & David Van Der Poel – WK Theme Hoogerheide 2014”.

Today we have presented our music clip ‘WK Hoogerheide 2014’. The clip “Liam McDurt ft. Mathieu & David van der Poel – WK Theme Hoogerheide 2014”, is online now! A unique happening in the cycling.

From today on our WK Hoogerheide 2014 Theme will be played on different radio stations in the Netherlands and Belgium. This music clip is produced by Jamie “Lostsun” van Zunderd and Kai Liem from Headroom Studios. Also David and Mathieu van der Poel have an important role in the tune.

The clip is an ‘Electro House’ song, says producer Jamie van Zunderd. “We have chosen this music style to promote our World Championships to a younger target group” says Jan Prop chairman of this event. “The average age during the World Championships in 2009 was 44 years, this is a result of research we had done during this cyclo-cross event. Nothing wrong with that, but we would like to attract an people to our event. Next to this we like to play our own recognizable tune when the start sign is given. Hopefully it energizes our riders.

We are very proud of this unique event in cyclo-sport. “During the World Championships of soccer it’s a tradition to produce a special song. We are very happy that someone we know: Jamie van Zunderd, son of our treasurer, has composed this number. We are hoping for a success” concludes Jan Prop.

You can download the WK Theme Hoogerheide 2014 from the homepage or watch it here. Editor’s Note: It is amazing, if you like electronic music.