Men's Podium, by Steve Fry

Podium - Elite Men © Steve Fry

by Marc Hollander

Troy Wells (Clif Bar) and Todd Wells (GT) kicked off the 2008 UCI Carousel Volkswagen Jingle Cross Rock in Iowa City in fine style. The brothers took the top two places at Day 1, with Andy Jacques-Maynes (California Giant Strawberries) finishing third in Saturday’s race.

The elite riders shot around the the early flat sections of the course. Soon they found themselves face to face with the infamous run-up of Mt. Krumpit, the Grinch’s Lair sand pit, and the new Whoville whirl that required the competitors to complete a disorienting number of circles before resuming the course.

Todd Wells hit the holeshot. Brother Troy Wells was close on his wheel when a pile-up early in the race displaced a number of followers on a slippery off-camber uphill, shortly after the first climb. The first run-up on Mt. Krumpit saw the Wells brothers followed by Mark Lalonde (Planet Bike), Jacques-Maynes and Brian Matter (Team Geargrinder) chasing hard up the grueling run-up. Hundreds zealot cycloross-crazed Iowan fans cheered as the riders ascended Mt. Krumpit.

The Wells brothers widened their gap quickly and had built a 20-second lead by the 3rd lap. Brian Eppen (ICCC-Specialized), Steve Tilford (Trek-HBBC Masters), Brian Jensen (Successful Living) and Nate Rice (Big -Shark) followed in a second chase group, but made up no ground on the leaders or the first set of chasers.

Josie Jacques-Maynes tackles the infamous Mt. Krumpit. © Steve Fry

Josie Jacques-Maynes tackles the infamous Mt. Krumpit. © Steve Fry

The Wells brothers continued to drill an unrelenting pace. In the end, Troy outdueled brother Todd over the logs leading into the straightaway to claim the win. Jacques-Maynes scored the final place on the podium.

In the women’s event, Devon Haskell, Lisa Strong, and Josie Jacques-Maynes fought for positions in a very tight women’s event. In the final laps, Haskell made her move to pull away from the other two, with Strong placing second and Jacques-Maynes claiming third.

The Jingle Cross is now in celebrating it’s 5th year of tremendous cyclocross growth. Rock 2 is set for tomorrow, and the snow has already started to fall. The race conditions will likely change significantly as the day wears on as rain may come in for the later Elite UCI events. All 100% of the race proceeds, donations, rider registration fees, and other contributions are donated to the University of Iowa Children’s Hospital.

Full Results:

Elite Men:
Finish Name Team City State Time
1 Wells, Troy Team Clif Bar DURANGO CO 59:50:00
2 Wells, Todd Team GT Durango CO @0:02
3 Jacques-Maynes, Andy California Giant Berry Farms/Specialized CAPITOLA CA @1:43
4 LaLonde, Mark Planet Bike MADISON WI @1:57
5 Matter, Brian Team Geargrinder SHEBOYGAN WI @2:11
6 Kappius, Braden Clif Bar Development Cross Team LITTLETON CO @342
7 Tilford, Stephen Trek Stores/Shimano TOPEKA KS @3:44
8 Krieg, Sam Park City Daimler Chrysler Jeep POCATELLO ID @3:44
9 Sherer, Mike Alderfer Bergen BLOOMINGTON IN @4:01
10 Eppen, Brian IOWA CITY IA @4:03
11 Neff, Isaac Alderfer Bergen BLOOMINGTON IN @4:31
12 Cares, Colin U23 National Mountain Bike Team BOULDER CO @4:39
13 Rice, Nathan ST. LOUIS MO @5:07
14 Jensen, Brian Lawrence KS @5:20
15 Dickey, Duane COKATO MN @5:22
16 Stolte, William HRRC / Trek Stores TOPEKA KS @5:25
17 Johnson, Joshua COLUMBIA MO @5:46
18 Hoke, Mitchell Tokyo Joes EVERGREEN CO @6:05
19 Smith, Shadd HRRC / Trek Stores OVERLAND PARK KS @6:16
20 McLaughlin, Scott SRAM Factory team CHICAGO IL @6:39
21 Rients, Jesse LAKEFIELD MN @7:07
22 Hackworthy, Dave Bianchi/Grand Performance HUDSON WI @7:13
23 Popper, Ben CHICAGO IL @7:30
24 Schmalz, Joseph HRRC / Trek Stores LAWRENCE KS @8:01
25 Conant, Brian DEKALB IL @8:26
26 Downs, Robert MADISON WI -1 lap
27 Allen, Mathew MINNEAPOLIS MN -1 lap
28 Lemieux, Pat Bianchi/Grand Performance MANKATO MN -1 lap
29 Winkler, Jeff Bicycle Shack Racing BLUE SPRINGS MO -1 lap
30 Mills, Adam HRRC / Trek Stores LAWRENCE KS -1 lap
31 Marshall Jr, Bill Mercy Cycling Team OVERLAND PARK KS -1 lap
32 Olney, John Mercy-Specialized IOWA CITY IA -2 laps
33 Jacobson, Kyle Nova Cycle Sports Foundation Inc. WEST BEND WI -2 laps
34 Bush, Kyle Slimenundgrossen KANSAS CITY MO -3 laps
35 Street, William Team Geargrinder SHEBOYGAN WI -3 laps
36 Meehan, John Bissell Cycling MERCER ISLAND WA -3 laps
DNS Hanson, Lyle Great Dane Velo Club MADISON WI
DNS Harshman, Shawn Harshman Wealth -Primus Mootry BOULDER CO
DNS Knapp, Ryan Alderfer Bergen COLUMBUS IN
Elite Women:
Finish Name Team City State
1 Haskell, Devon CHICAGO IL 45:02:00
2 Strong, Lisa ARVADA CO @0:02
3 Jacques-Maynes, Josie California Giant Berry Farms/Specialized CAPITOLA CA @0:05
4 Wentworth, Kristin Team Kenda Tire MADISON WI @0:18
5 Brown, Sydney Midwest Cycling Community NE LINCOLN NE @0:29
6 Sone, Linda MBRC/Flanders NORTHFIELD MN @0:49
7 Dallaire, AnnaJean SoBe-Cannondale LOUISVILLE KY @1:10
8 Young, Anna America’s Dairyland MADISON WI @1:38
9 Walberg, Catherine TOPEKA KS @2:01
10 Miller, Amanda Mesa Cycles Racing Team FORT COLLINS CO @2:38
11 Williams, Robin Mercy-Specialized IOWA CITY IA @3:05
12 Antonneau, Kaitlin Nova Cycle Sports Foundation Inc. RACINE WI @3:30
13 Cooper, Linda FARGO ND @3:59
14 Schneider, Samantha WEST ALLIS WI @4:18
15 Klug, Holly CHICAGO IL @4:41
16 Coogan, Corey Ridley Factory Team MINNEAPOLIS MN @5:02
17 Herrell, Jennifer Mercy Cycling KANSAS CITY MO @5:31
18 Stewart, Maria Velo Bella SAINT PAUL MN @6:22
19 Smiley, Marne ANN ARBOR MI @6:56