by Molly Hurford

Want to know what to look for on Cyclocross Magazine this week? Worried you might have missed something last week? Fear not, because we’ve got it all mapped out for you. Every Monday, we have a preview of what’s in store for the week, and we’ll let  you know about some of the great articles that you might have missed last week. If there’s any story you’d like us to cover, any burning question you want answered, or any cool racer you’d like to hear from, let us know! Leave messages in the comments, find me on the Cowbell Forums or email molly [at]

Keep Your Eyes Peeled This Week For:

  • Mechanical Mondays: How To Repair Tubular Tires. We’ve talked a lot about tires lately, and our Tour De Tires is happening now, so the timing couldn’t be better. Have some old punctured tires from last season? There may be hope after all. Several top notch mechanics chime in with their favorite tips and tricks.

    The Challenge Fango one of the newer tubulars on the market.

    This week, we have tires on the brain. This one, the Challenge Fango, is one of the newer tubulars on the market.

  • Tour De Tires: while you might not be able to go to France to cheer on cyclocross’s Lars Boom and John Gadret, you can enjoy our Tour De Tires, as we’ll be rolling out (pun intended) 21 days of cyclocross tire reviews, aiming to surface a tire that would be appropriate for an off-road equivalent of the Tour stage that day.
  • Training Tuesday: this one is for men and women, but men might be more interested in learning about these stretches that can be used to avoid (ouch) groin injury.
  • The Girl With The Cowbell Tattoo: a behind the scenes peak at the glitz and glamor of my job as online editor.
  • Women’s Wednesday: a cyclist from New Zealand gets vocal about her thoughts on women in cycling and how the sport can be improved for the ladies.
  • Kat Statman will be back for Rumors and Rumblings, and he’ll have a lot to catch you up on!
  • Paul Warlowski has a new column coming up on Saturday, be on the lookout.

You May Have Missed:

  • Nationals News: new rules are implemented for call-ups. How will they effect your race?
  • Newbie News: Erik Tonkin of Sellwood Cycles talks about proper dismounts. Now go get practicing!

    James McCabe leads Austin Jones up the stairs and out of the bowl at Cyclocross Nationals. Photo Courtesy of James McCabe

    James McCabe leads Austin Jones up the stairs and out of the bowl at Cyclocross Nationals. Photo Courtesy of James McCabe

  • We’re looking for new interns. Interested?
  • Collegiate Chronicles: James McCabe from Wake Forest University talks about building up a cyclocross team from scratch at his college, and how it’s changed the team for the better.
  • Product Spotlight: the new 2012 Ridley Carbon X-Fire
  • The Girl With The Cowbell Tattoo: you all shared some great stories with me after I talked about losing my race face and my plan to get it back.
  • In The Saddle with the awesome Emma White. This junior racer has big plans for the upcoming season.
  • Rumors and Rumblings: Kat Statman will be back next week, but for now, I filled you in on what our fellow cyclocrossers have been up to.
  • Lee Waldman realized that he’s been racing for over thirty years, and he’s pretty happy with that.
  • Friday Feature: two great videos up this week, one of cyclocross in Japan and the other, a blast from cyclocross past.
  • Our 2011-2012 Cyclocross Calendar will be posted soon, so keep an eye out for it if you want to start planning your season!