The ClifBar CrossVegas 2016 World Cup will be streamed live by the UCI (geo restricted) and by NBC’s Sports App (paid).

Because NBC owns the rights to all UCI World Cups and World Championships on the U.S., fans not in attendance may have to be NBC Universal subscribers or get creative to be able watch the live feeds.

For cyclocross fans with overseas I.P. addresses, we’ve got both the women’s and men’s live streams below.

Please note: As with any live stream, Cyclocross Magazine does not control the technology, content or reliability, and request you please do not repeatedly refresh your page in hopes of getting the stream to start or restart.

The 2016 CrossVegas Elite Women start at 8:15 p.m. Pacific (EDT) and will be streamed below:

The 2016 CrossVegas World Cup Elite Men start at 9:30 p.m. Pacific (PDT) and will be streamed below.

It promises to be a late night (or early morning) for many cyclocross fans, but judging by the 2016 CrossVegas start lists, CrossVegas should have some exciting racing with top stars and 37 Americans lining up.

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