Ali G, keeping ’cross real

On Wednesday we showed you some videos of a real athletic supporter – Slyfox injects energy (and cash) into Utah’s UTCX race scene. Now Ali Goulet has released the latest webisode in his “The Real Ali G Show,” and the pro-snowboarder-turned-cyclocrosser brings more good energy, yucks, and of course talent to the sport. Crossthetics, Natty Light salutes, urinals and of course, some helmet cam footage of snowy Utah ’cross – the Real G brings da funk.

Goulet is one of Utah’s top Elites, and he also ranks among the country’s best in the super-competitive Masters 35+ field. We featured Goulet in Cyclocross Magazine Issue 8, and he’s a personality well worth reading about. Apparently he relishes the on-camera time, too. Click on the video to check out the rest of the rapidly-expanding series.

The Real Ali G episode 5: