While Eva Lechner took the big win yesterday during the Women’s Elite Race at Hoogerheide, Sanne Cant was able to secure an overall World Cup victory, built off a great overall season. In a rare mistake by the young Belgian, Cant tries to fall in behind Nash in order to take full advantage of either a wider turn in the mud, or find what little remnants of grass that it still available on the periphery of the course.

Unfortunately, it looks as if a rut took hold of her front wheel and carried the front of her bike further than she intended, causing her to crash into the metal base leggings of the fence.

Thankfully, as shown in the footage posted by the UCI channel, Cant recovered and looked to be no worse for wear besides her dirty skinsuit.

Ferrand-Prevot narrowly missed a rear wheel hitting her face, and later posted the incident on Instagram, with the caption “A little bit of luck sometimes…” Truth be told, either her facial reaction was delayed, or her composure is astonishing.