Switzerland’s EKZ Cross Tour cyclocross series does a great job bringing cyclocross joy to UCI racers and kids alike, and we’ve been fortunate to witness some creative videos of the Swiss UCI racing over the years.

However, the series promotional video of the Baden race, as seen above, takes the cake. The video is not only precious, but shows that kids all over the world can get excited about racing and promoting ’cross. It’s also a great reminder that when it’s a group effort, assembling a cyclocross course can be quite a lot of fun at any age.

As some of our veteran promoters like Brad Ross and Tom Simpson retire, we’ll need this new generation of race promoters to keep our sport going strong.

How to start? Let the kid loose with a few materials to make their own course in the yard or local park.

Can’t get enough cyclocross videos? See the excellent EKZ Cross Tour 2016/2017 season trailer video here that features plenty of excitement, with much less cute overload.

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